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8 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Kid A Stand Up Desk For His Room

Kids spend a lot of their time at school sitting down. Some kids participate in physical activities at recess and in after-school sports, but for children whose parents choose not to enroll them in these programs, a stand-up desk has the potential to be a make-or-break opportunity for physical activity.


A stand up desk can also help facilitate an afternoon work break with email or social media on the laptop computer. It’s also possible that by standing up during the sleep cycle, it will make nighttime wakings less likely.


But for many parents, the question is, “Why would a kid need a stand-up desk at home?”

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  1. Kids can get more exercise during the day: Instead of sitting down for as many as nine hours at a time in school, he can use his stand-up desk to stretch out his legs for a few minutes every hour. The stand-up desk also gives parents another outlet for physical activity besides gym class and sports practice.


  1. It allows your kid to sit less and learn more: If your child struggles to sit still in his seat, whether he’s at school or in an after-school program, consider buying him a stand-up desk. The simple act of standing up may keep your child attentive and focused in class.
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  1. It can help your child use a laptop more comfortably: Some kids (and adults) find that using a laptop while sitting down can be hard on the back and shoulders. A stand-up desk is good for this age group because it allows them to alternate between sitting and standing by simply swiveling around.


  1. It increases productivity: For kids who have trouble staying focused while they’re sitting down, a stand-up desk can help them stay on task. He can alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day in his home office to not only get more physical activity but also to create a more active working environment.
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  1. It encourages independence: Children with ADHD and other attention disorders can benefit from a stand-up desk because it allows them to work on their own terms – when they feel comfortable and confident enough to sit down and focus, they can do so easily. This simple tool helps children learn how to regulate themselves in an independent environment at home or at school.


  1. It works for kids with physical limitations: Some kids need to sit down for a long time out of necessity. If your child falls into this category, a stand-up desk provides easy access from sitting down to standing up. Just as easily as you can swivel it around to face another direction, your child can push the desk to its maximum height so he can use it standing up.
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  1. It’s versatile: Sometime in the near future, your child will want or need to use a laptop outside of the house. A stand-up desk is useful for many activities – for example, at the swimming pool or at a friend’s house.


  1. It keeps your kid off the couch: Sitting down for hours on end can result in obesity and other health problems as well as inactivity and a lack of fitness. A stand-up desk helps kids get up and move around more by providing them with a place to sit and an alternative to sitting on the couch or in front of the TV while they use their laptop.
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If your child has a stand-up desk at home or in his classroom at school, he may have a leg up on other kids his age as far as physical fitness and health are concerned. Moreover, your kid may find that a stand-up desk is more convenient and even more comfortable than sitting at a table or desk. This is because a stand-up desk provides him with a flat surface for working on his laptop, a sitting surface for schoolwork or homework, and a place to stretch out his legs from time to time. If he/she is a gaming lover, you can also consider purchasing an L shaped computer desk

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