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A Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Advertising

Amazon is a multinational technology brand specializing in cloud computing, digital streaming, artificial intelligence, and e-commerce. Jeff Bezos is the founder of this company. Initially, the company was a book-selling store, but it has grown to sell various products.


Amazon is the right path to take if you find it hard to sell your product. The team comes up with strategies to help your product be popular with your consumers.

Reason to Choose Amazon

Amazon is a widely recognized market service platform used by many people worldwide. A 2018 research indicated that if most people wanted to find out information about a product, a first search is on Amazon. This information includes price ranges, quality and sizes of different products.

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The company understands people’s demand, thus knowing which products to make their top list. For example, Amazon ads are used for the product to get more exposed to the consumers through getting numerous views.


Being a multi-channel e-commerce platform, you should not miss the chance to advertise your product here for quick sales.

Amazon Ads

Amazon marketing services involve the use of ads. It is an excellent way to market your product. After typing a keyword word in the amazon search bar, the ads give the top results. For example, Amazon has a self-serving platform known as Amazon Marketing Service [AMS], where you can advertise your product. It is not a necessity to have a particular account to use AMS.

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The audience is targeted through the use of keywords or product categories. For example, if you want your product to gain more visibility to your customers, you pay more to amazon to bid on keywords.


The three types of amazon ads are; headline search, sponsored and display product placement ads. The first two operate on keywords, while the last run on customers’ interests.


Choosing Amazon

As an entrepreneur, you need to define your goals. You should know what you aim to achieve through advertising your product. Clearly defined goals help you identify the products you want to sell and make it easy to measure performance.

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After deciding on which products to sell, choose the one that will make you achieve your goals.

For example, check on the ‘Reports’ tab in Seller Central to determining how your product is fairing.


Checking your product details should be a necessity. You should identify the descriptive title quality of images, helpful product information and hidden keywords. If it is not up to the standards, you should rectify it.


For starters, the sponsored ad is the best type of Amazon ad to use. It incorporates keywords, allows for payment only when the ad is clicked, and chooses how much you are willing to spend.

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Optimizing Amazon ads

You need to create a well-structured campaign by product category. For example, you create a separate campaign of the main product categories, and under it, sub ads groups that are more specific follow.


Creating ads that stand out should be your priority. Being creative and humorous will be a win for you. You should instill a sense of urgency for customers to gain interest and purchase an item you are selling.


You should be specific in your ad copy. Quality, size, price and brand are products descriptions that you should not miss out on. The buyer is looking for this information to make a purchasing decision.

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Bidding on popular brands selling similar products is an excellent way to optimize ads. Before settling on keywords, do a background check on your competitors. First, bid on the terms they are using. Exposure is gained, and it becomes easy to convince someone to buy your new product.


You should experiment with all three types of ads. This helps you understand which ad yields result faster and more consistently. You can decide which ad to invest in for successful results with precise analysis.


Amazon offers excellent selling methods for your new products. Focusing on the product to sell should be your number one goal. You should understand different amazon ads, keywords, and bidding processes for successful sales.

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Optimizing on ads ensures that your investment capital brings high yields and returns. Settle for the ad that matches your goals and is pleasing to customers.


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