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A General Outlook On The Types Of Baccarats

Baccarat is a traditional table game primarily played in land and online casinos worldwide. This game has been in existence for over five hundred years and has been a gold mine for casinos worldwide. The long history of its existence has made it hard for gamblers to believe that there are other บาคาร่า types around the world.

Baccarat is of different types of variations. These diverse types of baccarat all depend on the countries where they are being played and their peculiarity. These baccarat rules are similar, but their significant difference in their shapes, side bets, and the maximum number of players that play at a time. 

This article will discuss the different types of baccarat and what makes each of them unique from the other. The types of baccarat are:

  • Three card baccarats
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The three-card baccarat is a trendy game in Macau casinos. In this game, there are 52 cards in the deck, and a hand in this game starts with the drawing of three cards, each both to the banker and the player.

Every card’s point counting is the same as the point counting on the traditional baccarat game. And the way to win is the same as the conventional บาคาร่า.

  • Mini baccarat

The mini is the most popular variation of the baccarat game. Its board is much smaller than the traditional baccarat, and it accommodates a maximum of seven players at a time.

The most distinctive feature of this game is that it is very simple and requires the competitors to do nothing but sit down and choose aside. The mini-baccarat also features a lower minimum bet than the traditional baccarat, offering bonus bets.

  • Chemin de Fer
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This variation of baccarat is prevalent in Europe, and it is only available in VIP areas of European casinos. The game sets up to fourteen players and permits a player to be the banker if they accept the role. They can play against other competitors as players and bankers. And this role of a banker is rotated until it goes around all the players, and the players do all the dealings. A total of five cards are drawn at every round of Chemin de Fer.

  • Baccarat en Banque 

This type of baccarat is another European version of the game. It is usually played with three decks. The rules of this game vary from casino to casino, but the rules are very similar to those of Chemin de Fer. Baccarat en Banque’s role as a banker is given to the competitor willing to make the most significant risk on the table.

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It will be challenging to affirm which of the variations of the beautiful baccarat game is the best as they are all unique in their way and peculiarity. Other types of baccarat include


  1. Punto Banco
  2. Online baccarat
  3. Live dealer baccarat
  4. Super Pan 9 etc.
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