February 14


A Step By Step Guide to Develop Your Own App

Mobile users are increasing day by day, the average person spends approximately 6 to 7 hours on their mobile and because of that, the usage of apps is high. If you want to create an app then you must know that it is not child’s play. You need to learn codes and techniques to make your own app. In this blog, you will find step by step guide for game app development.


Research is the basic step to make an app. Get different ideas and strategies through study. Don’t make it complicated just good and simple ideas are enough to start your work. With help of this, you can fill all the gaps and problems that come while making an app. Research helps you to build an authentic app.

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Note down your idea on the paper and cross-check it with other applications. Make a simple sketch like what is your app about, how does it work, and what are the basic features.

Define goals

Get a clear idea before starting an app like why you want to develop the app and how you are going to develop it. Identify all the needs before creating an app idea. Make a plan that how you are going to attract the users and what makes your app different than the competitors.

Create app’s wireframe

After completing the first two steps make a draft for the application’s visual. By creating a wireframe, you can get an idea about how your app will and how is it going to work. It helps you in finding all the gaps and problems. Further, you are going to get an idea about how it is going to look on a mobile screen.

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Wireframe brings life to your app design. There are several tools like Axure, Pidoco, InVision. Balsamiq, UXPin, and iPlotz can use it to make a visual of your app. get some feedback when you complete the app’s wireframe. Feedback helps you to improve your app design.

Design app first

Don’t make it complicated, create a simple and modern design for your app. You can hire a developer to create an app because it is not easy unless you are a web or graphic designer. He knows all the tricks like how to add different colors and a portal to attract users.

Test your design

It is important to test your design to avoid any mishaps. A mockup design will help you to identify all the problems. It is not possible that you have made a perfect app right! There must be some issues that you need to fix before spending tons of money to create your app.

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Don’t forget to get feedback, constructive reviews on your design because these help you to improvise your work.

Develop your app

Develop your mobile app after testing your designs. The designing team is going to help you with this part. You just give them complete documents they will develop your app and solve all the problems. You can use tools to create your own application like Build Fire. These tools have different templates, pick the one you think will work for you and get the work done.

Test your app

Test your app before launching it officially. Discuss the app with your team to remove all the bugs and make a perfect app. don’t skip this part after creating a whole app because this will help to develop your app further.

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Launch beta version of your app

When you are done with the final testing and satisfied with your work, launch a beta version of your app. Beta version is like a model app to know all the pros and cons. You get to know all the points like is it user-friendly? The app development market accepts your app… Fix all the issues to get more users.

Launch your app

The last step is to launch your final app. you can launch it in Google Play Store or IOS but to launch in Google Play Store is easy than IOS. They don’t review before offering the app to the user. Moreover, you have to market your app to reach your targeted audiences.

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