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Big Tech hiring cements Canada’s status

According to Jeremy Shaki, the increasing number of tech companies has put a strain on the startup community in Canada which also included the online platform and online casino, Play Amo. Aside From tech firms, universities in the country also produce a number of highly experienced individuals.

Big tech firms such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are known to recruit highly skilled individuals from startups. This is great news for tech workers in Canada, but it’s also an issue for the country’s flourishing companies.

In March, Meta and Google announced that they were planning on employing thousands of employees in Canada. The two firms noted that they had a strong financial base and were able to appeal to the best talent.

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More than simply money

Ron Spreeuwenberg, the CEO of HiMama, a software organization established in Toronto, noted that finding the ideal talent can be a challenge for startups. Since the firm was based in 2013, it has been empowered to hire over 180 employees.

Due to the company’s expansion in other countries, it has also been able to hire more employees in Canada. But discovering the right talent is no longer as simple as it was previously.

According to Spreeuwenberg, one of the main factors that attracted people to Hi Mama was its culture. Aside from being a great company, he also noted that the environment was also a big factor that people considered when they decided to move to the firm.

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Despite the company’s financial success, Spreeuwenberg noted that it still needs to improve its compensation packages to catch up with other firms.

Being enabled to work in Canada is also a huge factor that people consider when it comes to choosing to join Hi Mama. Aside from being a great place to live, the company also values the importance of children.

At Mysa, a marketing firm based in Newfoundland, the company values the idea of helping others. Since it was founded in 2016, the firm has been able to get larger to over a hundred employees.

One of the biggest tech firms on the East Coast is Verafin, which was recently acquired by The Nasdaq. Due to the company’s success, Joshua Green, the co-founder of Mysa, noted that Canada’s tech sector is starting to catch up with other countries.

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Like many other companies, Mysa also has to deal with the same compensation issues that other startup founders have. Despite being able to compete with the likes of Amazon and Google, Green believes that Mysa could be a great fit for people who are looking to live in Toronto.

Aside from being tech-friendly, Green noted that other factors such as the company’s culture and the quality of life are also taken into account when people decide to work for Mysa.

Canadian cities are transforming into tech hubs

Due to the H1N1 pandemic, Leonard noted that Canadian companies have been able to attract more top talent from other countries.

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During an interview, Greenhill noted that Canada needs to continue attracting top talent in order to avoid becoming a failed country as well as companies should also hire more local talent in order to better their training programs.


The federal government sustains the country’s tech industry. According to Greenhill, large companies can play a key role in shaping Canada’s tech industry by launching programs that encourage education and knowledge.


Leonard believes that continuous investment in the country’s tech industry will allow more firms to expand and start new businesses.

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