October 3


Bruce Willis refuted selling rights to his face


Deepcake used an image of Bruce Willis, the Russian actor, in its commercial for a telecommunications company owing to the rise of AI which will also entail the development of various websites https://golden-tiger-slot.com. It was reported last week that the actor had sold his rights to a company called Deepcake.

Bruce Willis’ agent has disputed reports that the actor sold his face to a deep fake company.

A representative of Deepcake told the BBC that the company only had the rights to Willis’ face. The actor retired from acting earlier this year after he was diagnosed with aphasia, a type of speech disorder.

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Deep fakes are companies that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to create realistic videos of celebrities and politicians. For actors who can no longer act, the technology could be game-changing.

On September 27, the Daily Mail reported that Deepcake had purchased the rights to Willis’ image. It stated that the actor could still appear in future movies after agreeing to sell his image rights.

The story was picked up by various media outlets, such as the Telegraph. It stated that Willis was the first Hollywood actor to sell his image rights to a deep fake company.

It is, in fact, true that a deepfake of Willis was used in an ad campaign for a Russian telecommunications company.

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The technology used in the ad was developed by Deepcake, an AI company that specializes in many famous deep fakes that were welcomed all over the world. The company claimed that it worked closely with the team that worked on the project.

According to the company, Willis gave Deepcake permission to create his Digital Twin. The company claims that it has a collection of high-resolution celebrities and historical figures.

The company’s website features a quote from Willis, where he says that Deepcake’s technology allows him to go back in time and play his role accurately.

The company’s website also features a quote from the actor, where he says that his character in the ad was modeled after the images from Die Hard and Fifth Element.

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However, the agent for Willis told the BBC that the actor had not entered into an agreement with Deepcake. He also noted that the company’s claims were untrue.

The BBC then asked the agent of Willis if he had ever worked with Deepcake. It was also noted that the actor had not ever cooperated with such companies as well as all the information was invented with the aim of PR.

After all this mess, the BBC was also waiting for a response from Deepcake. After a long time the company noted that the stories about it purchasing the rights to Willis’ image were inaccurate.

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A representative for Deepcake noted that the actor had not sold his rights to the company. He noted that the actor had only agreed to use the images that he had already licensed.

The confusion surrounding the use of deep fakes highlights the technological advancements that have occurred in the field. It also shows the lack of clear rules regarding the use of AI in this industry.

Despite the recent retirement of James Earl Jones from playing the role of the iconic character, his voice still remains. A deepfaker known as Respeecher reportedly used archival materials to create a voice that imitates the voice of the former Star Wars villain.

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In the summer, Disney released a new Star Wars television show called “Obi-Wan.” The show used the technology developed by Respeecher to reproduce the voice of the character.

AI replacement is also controversial. In April, the UK’s Equity, a union representing the performing arts workers, launched a campaign against the use of AI in the industry.

Some are worried that AI deep fakes could take away work from actors. They also fear that the technology could affect the control over their voices and faces.

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