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How the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch Are Exposed Within the Apple Ecosystem

It’s within a shared ecosystem that Apple devices are at their best. The iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch can be conveniently used together – not only to share files but also to share features or save significant data, like a Vave login or Facebook password on all devices. Here are just a few examples.

It’s Easy to Transfer Files Between Devices Using AirDrop

AirDrop is the most convenient way to share files between Apple devices wirelessly. This feature was added back in iOS 7, and it continues to be incredibly relevant. You can use AirDrop even beyond a single Apple ID.


  1. Select the file you want to transfer.
  2. Open the Share menu and go to AirDrop.
  3. Identify the device to which you want to transfer the files.
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The easiest way to check AirDrop activity is through the “Control Panel”. The feature can be turned off, on permanently for contacts only, or on all for 10 minutes. The time limit on the iPhone came with the release of iOS 16.2.

A Shared Clipboard Is Available on All Apple Devices

With the release of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, Apple has expanded the range of features of Handoff. Now once it’s activated, you can also use the handy clipboard to transfer text and other information between devices.


The active shared clipboard allows you to copy text and not only on one device, and then immediately paste it on another. This is convenient for quick transfer of any information between iPhone, iPad and Mac – phone numbers, messages and more.

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Apple Watch Will Help Unlock a Mac without Touch ID

A Mac can be unlocked very quickly using the Apple Watch without entering a password or any other manipulation. All you have to do is sit down at your computer with the watch on your hand, and it will automatically detect that the owner is in front of it.


  1. Open “System Preferences” and go to “Touch ID and passcode” (or “Login Password”).
  2. Slide the Apple Watch switch to the active position.


To use this feature, the Apple Watch must be password-protected and unlocked by entering a password. The Apple Watch will be treated as such while it is worn on your wrist.

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The Mac Desktop Can Be Expanded With the iPad

An iPad running iPadOS 13 or newer will help expand your macOS Catalina-based workspace with Sidecar or a newer version of the operating system. Both devices must be linked to the same Apple ID account.


The iPad can be used as an additional display in either wired or wireless mode. The second option seems more convenient, but the former eliminates image transmission delays and provides power to the tablet.

Content From iPhone and iPad Can Be Streamed to Mac

Mac on macOS Monterey or newer can become a display for broadcasting any visual content from iPhone or iPad. So you can use the big screen to show someone pictures from your last trip or documents.

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You can use the feature described above for games, among other things. When the image is transferred to another screen, some digital entertainment even offers to use the iPhone as a remote control.

From iPhone, It’s Easy to Distribute the Internet to Other Devices

For those who need to work from anywhere and at any time, the ability to distribute mobile Internet from the iPhone to other Apple devices will be useful. The “Modem Mode” feature, which appeared in iOS 8.1, works as fast and very stable as possible.


  1. Open “Settings” and go to “Cellular communication”.
  2. Expand the “Modem Mode” menu and activate “Allow others”.
  3. Set a password to allow other devices to connect to your iPhone.
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Now not only the devices assigned to a single Apple ID, but all other devices will be able to use the Internet from the iPhone via “Modem Mode”. Devices of a particular user won’t require a password to connect.

Calls and Texts From iPhone Can Be Received on iPad and Mac

After activation of this feature, which appeared in iOS 8.1, you can receive incoming voice calls from iPhone on iPad and Mac. Similarly, it will also be possible to transfer new dialogs to the Messages app on an iPad or Mac.


If you actively use iMessage for correspondence, you just need to activate it in the settings of the corresponding apps on your iPad and Mac. It’s usually much more convenient to have dialogue on the big screen.

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Continue Your Work With the Software on Another Device

With Continuity, you can start an app on one device and continue it on another. To do this, it’s important that iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite or newer versions of the operating systems are installed.


After activating the function in the multitasking menu of iPhone and iPad, as well as in Dock on Mac, it will be possible to switch to the application, which is used on another device. The only thing is that it must support this functionality.

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