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How to Buy a Router for Broadband Internet?

Purchasing a router that supplies consistently high-speed and stable internet and has an imperative coverage area is certainly not a simple one-day task, particularly in case you are new on the tech block. To further elevate the difficulty level, the router makers talk about their routers’ specs utilizing contractions and a wide range of advertising gimmicks that have little association with the authentic experience one gets. In addition, even the name and different subtleties of these routers do not provide much information about their viability. 

Because of such inconveniences, many think that getting a router from their internet service provider is a better and secure choice. However, in all honesty, it is not. Monetarily talking, it is more astute to purchase your own router than to pay a rental fee for a company router every month. Although, if you subscribe to Spectrum promotions, you can enjoy a complimentary modem in addition to the ultra-fast internet speeds and unlimited data allowance. This way, you can decide if you even need a router as small households can make do without one, and if you figure out that you do need it, you would not have to spend any money on a cable modem. 

To assist you with choosing the best router that is reasonable for your needs, we have put together a list of factors you need to explore when choosing a router. 


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The advertised speed that you find on the router’s specs is theoretical and a promotional trick – these speeds are attained on optimal lab conditions which cannot be designed at home. This implies that you cannot trust the specs mentioned on the router. 

All things considered, you should explore your preferred router’s specs by yourself. Before making a purchase, you should research the router through expert opinions, customer reviews, and online analysis to figure out the actual speed and other important features of the router. Review websites for instance Tom’s guide provide in-depth analytical reviews about various routers, modems, and other tech gadgets. One thing to make sure of is the hardware utilized in these reviews because frequently reviewers utilize phenomenal hardware because of which they get staggering outcomes so you should find out the reviews that incorporate ordinary stuff as well. 

2 Find out about THE USB PORT 

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A USB port is significant in modern homes and businesses. A lot of things can only be done on account of a reliable USB port.

If your home network is diverse and includes equipment like modems, hard drives, and printers, etc. you would require a router that furnishes a significant level of network comfort. In such a manner, you ought to check out the USB ports of a router. Your favored router ought to have at least one USB port in any event and it should be a 3.0 version. 


The AC or Actual Rate is the main deciding factor of the sufficiency of a router. The rule of thumb is to never invest in a router that offers less than 1200 actual rate. A router with AC980 or AC700 normally houses old tech systems that affect the speed negatively. Such sorts of routers are not useful for your home or business. 

A simple method to recall about the suggested real rate is that more current and better routers have AX in their names or specs as opposed to AC. 

4 Check the PROCESSOR QUALITY AND RAM capacity 

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The engineering behind your router matters more than you think particularly its processor quality and RAM capacity. Nowadays, we have gotten seriously dependent on the internet. Wireless connectivity is being used for pretty much everything, regardless of whether it is office work, study, gaming, information exchange, video conferencing, social interaction, video streaming, etc., the internet is the thing that makes all the difference for us. These online maneuvers require bandwidth because of which your router needs good processing power. 

When purchasing a router, you ought to know about its processor core – find out if it is quad-core, dual-core, or single-core. For individuals who are looking to use their router for multiple networks simultaneously, a multi-core processor would work better. In case you do not know about your requirements, you can generally begin low and buy a dual-core. The solitary thing you need to think about is that the quantity of these cores is relative to your router’s performance. 

With regards to understanding the RAM capacity, it ought to be 128 MB essentially. A similar rule works here as well: the RAM capacity of your router directly impacts the router’s performance and so the more, the better. In case you are somebody who does not care about the price, we recommend a RAM capacity of almost 1 GB. 

5 Learn about the SECURITY FEATURES 

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Most present-day routers come furnished with cutting-edge security highlights like inbuilt antivirus and VPN to shield your home network from malware intrusion and dysfunction. Notwithstanding, the issue comes when these specs are used as commercial features and overpower the weak engineering of the router. In case you are keen on these elements, you ought to never purchase the first router that you like, for instance, do not buy an AC1200 if it has inferior quality stuff. Please note that better routers are more costly thus, you ought to put resources into an expensive router with better engineering and incredible RAM. 

In addition, if you are excited about a router with such advanced specs, you ought to look for one that has 256 MB RAM and a dual-core processor at least. 

6 See if it is compatible WITH YOUR INTERNET PROVIDER 

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You also have to consider if the router you like is compatible with your internet provider before finalizing the purchase. Most ISPs share a rundown of makers or routers that are viable with their administrations. You can discover such subtleties in your agreement or via ISP’s site. 

If you need clarity regarding the matter, we suggest that you contact the customer service department of your ISP. 

7 See if it is compatible WITH SMART HOME 

Most U.S. families are outfitted with one smart home gadget, at the very least, now. In the event that you are one of them, you ought to consider the compatibility of your smart home devices with the router you like. To control the smart home gadgets accurately, it is smarter to buy a router that is suited to computerization structures, for example, IFTT (If This, Then That) model or Alexa by Amazon. This component helps your applications and gadgets to work together for ideal execution. Appropriately, if your router has this sort of blend, you can administer it through Alexa by giving voice commands and would have the alternative to get things done on the router like turning the light on and off. 

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