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Maximize your channel’s YouTube watch hours with few good strategies

If you are wondering how to get more people to watch your YouTube video, it is important to have a strategy. Your audience must keep watching your videos till the end. Not only will it help in serving your viewer but also help in your YouTube algorithm.  These are two good enough reasons for creating good engaging content.

Viewers need to watch videos on YouTube till the end so that they get value for which it is offered or the message for which it is intended. The frustrating part is when someone clicks on your video and then does not watch till the end.  It hurts the content creator, and YouTube interprets this as a bad viewer experience.  They will then stop feeding the video in the SEO and suggested results.

A good strategy to ensure people watch your video would initially hook viewers into clicking the video and start watching it. Later comes the critical part when what you do or say in the video will retain the viewer till the end.  Once you have teased a viewer into watching your video, ensure that whatever be the topic, your video content should have all the information in one video.  This will then enable the viewers to stick and watch the entire video instead of scouting for information in multiple videos.

 While other social media platforms are aware of the viewer’s short attention span and cater accordingly, YouTube is the opposite.  The format here is that the average video duration is in minutes and not in seconds.  This requires marketers to think out of the box and ensure that longer content on YouTube will be watched more by the viewers than on any other platform. If these do not work out initially, one can buy YouTube watch hours from a reputed service provider.

Some important structure for a successful video:

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It is important to create videos that people watch all the way and improve on YouTube watch time. It also helps build a huge library of traffic generating video content that performs in the long run.


When someone is searching for content on YouTube, the goal should be to hook the viewer by letting them know they are in the right place. Repeating the exact keywords that the viewer has placed will help develop a hook and say something about the keyword existing on the video you are going to offer.

Intro and content

Once you have hooked the viewer, introduce yourself and the channel and provide some details about the content you are about to offer. This will relax the viewer and allow them to watch the video with confidence.

Engage the viewer

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This is the time to deliver what you had promised in the hook and intro.  As the viewer moves through the content, he must remain engaged. No matter how good the video content is, if there are no exciting elements in it, the viewer will get bored to see your talk only. Engaging the viewer as active participants rather than just a passive viewer would include engagement activities that service providers such as YoutubeStorm can help you with. 


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