April 27


Meet your potential client confidently with these tips

Whether meeting a client for the first time or the hundredth one, everyone faces chills and jitters! It is a usual emotion any human would experience. However, it matters how you overcome those feelings to look more confident to the client.


One common factor between personal and professional relationships is trust! When the client gains faith in you, they’ll continue the relationship by offering consistent projects. Of course, the customer has the standards and demands that they look for. Meeting those parameters becomes a crucial aspect of creating growth.


In this article, you will learn the trade tricks to win over the client confidently.

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Research first


Before you walk into the meeting room, you need to know enough information about the people sitting there and the company you are about to sign a deal with! Researching about the company and their needs will make it easier for you to customize the product.


If need be, get in touch with one of the employees to understand their visions better. Find their contact using GetEmail.io, an email finder tool. Its chrome extension to Linkedin and Gmail makes it easy to search emails! It is highly efficient and effective.


The subtle points


Do you know? Non-verbal adds 80% of weightage to the communication. That’s why – your actions matter a lot when you pitch your idea to the clients. A firm yet lower pitch displays authority, while a high one might sound like a shrill for some.

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The way you stand or sit should be firm and your back straight. Do not fidget your legs or hands – it only shows your nervousness to them. While listening to the client, look at them in the eyes and nod politely to gesture that you understand or are at least trying. A blank stare feels uncomfortable!


Being transparent


Being confident doesn’t make you a superhero to know everything! Of course, it gives you enough courage to tackle any sudden hits. So, the mantra ”fake it till you make it” doesn’t work if the client is clever. These days, they do more research about your product than you know yourself!

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It is better to accept them as they are and speak with honesty. When you don’t know about a few product details, inform them! Give a timeline to get back and revert before time. These gestures show your proactive approach to managing the client. Sentences like “I don’t know, but I will get back to you about this by EOD” sounds reassuring and builds trust!


The feedback time


It is never wrong to ask the client to offer their feedback. Here are two significant advantages to learn


  • You become a loyal partner with the client as the one who values their relationship.
  • You get to comprehend your and the product’s performance. Hence, finding an opportunity to improve.
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Around 56% of the customers feel that the brands do not live up to their promises. The feedback and its timely response allow you to break through their stereotypical barriers to become one of the best companies to work with!


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