April 22


These hacks will improve your Instagram stories’ visibility

It is a well-known fact that the number of views you get on an Instagram story is always higher than the number of people checking your post. No wonder the influencers share their posts as stories too! So people are aware of their new content.


Instagram has become more than just a picture sharing application. You can share 15-30 second & full-fledged videos, GIFs and live interactions! But for now, let’s concentrate only on one aspect – Instagram Story.


What does it offer?


The fleeting posts let the viewers glimpse what the content has to offer. If you don’t like it, you can simple skip it with a touch. That is why it has become very popular with this generation public.

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Instagram has also rolled out a new feature where you can like the story. This element is practical for the brands and influencers as they will know the real-time results of their content’s performance.


Here are some of the tips you can use to enhance your visibility


Plan ahead


If you are starting out your brand on Instagram, it is common to lose focus on what you wish to share. There are already many people with different content – that it gets baffling to pick what suits the brand best. In such a case, you are better with the ‘trying & testing’ formula.

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Being clueless is an opportunity to try out various types of content creation. Post stories with different content, and experiment with the timings and genres to discover your target audience.


Protip: Find a social media manager or marketing manager to handle these things for you strategically. Use GetEmail.io, an email lookup tool, to find all the professional’s email addresses. Its chrome extension to LinkedIn and Gmail also helps you connect to your potential audience.


Inspire and recycle


Finding authentic content twice a week repetitively cannot be possible at all. You might have a great idea today, but there isn’t any guarantee that it will repeat the next day because we’re only human! Find inspiration from the other brands and influencers to create your content.

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If not, following the trends is also not a wrong idea. Many top brands, companies, and celebrities are a part of the trending content to enhance their reach to different audiences. However, there is a catch! Using hashtags in stories isn’t going to fetch you any good.




Instagram hasn’t rolled out any versions where people can search stories with hashtags. So, unless you want to create a fancy hashtag merely for entertainment, there is no point in using it for any marketing purposes.


Paint the world red


Who doesn’t like vibrant colours?! Use this psychology to your advantage by creating colourful content to post on stories. Ensure to use different fonts while using the texts on them. These days, you can also animate the texts in a fun manner.

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Another aspect to consider is the stickers. Stickers are very much in trend these days. You can customize it as per the business requirements. Ask a question, use polls, and begin the countdown – Instagram offers everything you need!


Final thoughts


Hope these tips give you enough boost to start your Instagram journey. Do you wish to add any more pointers? Let us know!


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