October 23


Three Important Statistical Concepts You Need to Understand

Mean, median and mode are three terms that mean different things about a set of data. The mean is the average value for all of the data in a group. This is calculated by adding up all of the values in a set and then dividing by how many total numbers there are. The median is found when you arrange all of the values from lowest to highest and find where exactly half falls below it. Lastly, the mode is used when more than one number appears most often within a given set of data.

The mean median mode is all measures of central tendency. They can be used to identify what data is clumped together around while ignoring outliers (data too far away from other data).

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The Mean, Median and Mode are three measures of the center of a data set

  • The mean: The arithmetic mean of a data set is just the sum of all the numbers divided by how many numbers there are. Mean is represented by X̄. Mean (or average) is found by adding up all of the values in a set of data and then dividing that number by how many numbers there are.
  • The median: It is found by ordering all the numbers in ascending (lowest to highest) or descending (highest to lowest) order. Next, you have to select where exactly separates two numbers in your list. If it’s an odd number, place it here. If it’s an even number, place it halfway between the two numbers on your list. This is known as finding your median value. The median is the middle number in a set of numbers. To find the median, list all the numbers in order. If there is an even number of numbers, take the mean of the two middle numbers.
  • The mode: It is the data point that appears the most times in a given sample of data. If there are no repeated values in your sample of data, you will have no mode.
  • While the mean is found by adding and then dividing, the median can be found by first sorting the entire dataset from the smallest number to the largest number. Then select where exactly separates two numbers on your list (if it’s an odd number, find the one that is in the middle of this set; if it’s an even number, take your average between those two). The mode is finding which value appears most frequently in a given dataset. If there are no repeated values, you will have no mode. As seen before.. Mean = (15+19+20+18+21)/5=17 Median = 17 Mode = 19 Mean =(15+19+20+18+21)/5=17 Mode = 19 Median = 17 Mean = (15+19+20+18+21)/5=17 Mode = 19 Median = 17
  • The mean is used for the center or most of the data. The medianis used when there is an odd number of an item in your data set. And the mode shows where most of the numbers are located.
  • When the distribution of data is symmetrical, all three measures are similar; however, when there are outliers or skew in the distribution, they differ substantially. The mean will always be higher than the median and mode. Also, with many common distributions, e.g. normal density distribution, the mean, median and mode occur at roughly equal values. If someone knows one, they can estimate the other two quite closely. This knowledge can be useful in different situations – for example, calculating population size given an average cell size within a polygon boundary – but must not necessarily be applied to every situation as outliers may need special consideration depending on their location in relation to other points.
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