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Tone Of Voice ForThe Company

The tone of voice – ToV, brand voice – reflects the mission and values of the company, helps in positioning and detuning from competitors, and directly affects revenue. Yet many neglect this important tool. The more tools you have the more success you can bring to your company or other spheres. If you enjoy testing your luck, you can try Bizzo Casino, where you will be provided with all the necessary tools to win the jackpot.

You Can Succeed Without Tone Of Voice

So many people think so. Why waste time and money on inventing a single tone? Everyone somehow communicates with clients, and talks about themselves. And we can do it.

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Every recognizable brand has its own ToV. Even if you have never thought about it, you will not be confused by the messages of Sberbank and Tinkoff Bank, and even those who do not use the services of these companies will most likely recognize a post from Aviasales or Burger King.

At the same time, the tone of voice is not just some kind of internal document available to the elite. Some companies post a brand book with a description of the manner of communication in the public domain so that everyone can get acquainted with it.

The tone of voice helps to convey to the audience what values the business lives by. It helps the client quickly understand whether this company is close to him.

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And one more important point. Customers usually perceive the company as an individual  with a set of human traits that define the brand. These features distinguish one brand from others and make it unique – something that most buyers appreciate. This means that by broadcasting its authenticity and values using ToV, the company increases the number of people who are close to its business and who are more likely to make purchases.

However, it is not only the demonstration of the coincidence of values that are important: the tone of voice is an important part of brand positioning as a whole. For it to work, you also need the unity of the values of the company and identity. Users trust popular brands more, and competent ToV increases recognition and maintains emotional contact with the client.

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In addition, there are cases when ToV is critically needed by companies. For example, if the organization sells franchises or opens branches in other cities. Without a well-balanced brand voice in such cases, it is impossible to control the opening of new branches. So, it is difficult to confuse the salons of different mobile operators or branches of different banks in the regions with competitors precisely because of their unique ToV.

The Tone Of Voice Does Not Affect The Financial Performance Of The Company

ToV affects the company’s revenue. And this is true because proper communication is important for building long-term and trusting relationships with customers. The language of communication is determined by the company in the ToV.

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According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, a global study, brand trust drives brand development. If respondents fully trust the brand.

61% are ready to support the brand. Recommend it to others, demonstrate its use, and talk about it on social networks;

57% – to purchase new products or services of the brand, as well as buy products at a higher price than competitors.

43% – be loyal and stay that way if something goes wrong.

31% share personal data or participate in brand-sponsored events.

Customers get the same experience and impression of interacting with the company on the website, in social networks, and in advertising messages – brand consistency increases brand awareness. When customers recognize a brand and have positive associations with it, trust increases because it is clear what to expect from the company. And people are more likely to make a purchase and be committed to the company in the long run.

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The tone of communication or the voice of the brand is very important for business.

It helps the company to stand out from competitors, is more clearly positioned in the market,

and increases brand awareness. It allows you to find a loyal audience and maintain emotional contact with it. The tone of voice seriously affects revenue and profit. And it’s worth spending the time and budget to shape your unique brand voice. This investment will pay off.


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