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Top-10 Best Credit Cards For Sports Fans 2020

What are the best credit cards for sports fans this year?

As much fun as you get from being a loyal fan of your favorite team, you definitely spend a lot on tickets and souvenirs. Yes it’s usually worth it when you get to see your team win, or get an autograph from your favorite star.

But what if you could get more value for spending money to have fun cheering your favorite team? Well, you can have that and a whole lot more when you have the right credit card.

It is just for this reason that we have selected the top credit cards for sports fans right now. Check them out below.

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The Best Credit Cards for Sports Fans Right Now

The NFL Extra Points Card

nfl extra points credit card - Top-10 Best Credit Cards For Sports Fans 2020

The financial corporation Visa has collaborated with the NFL for the 2020 season, so as a great fan of football, you really would be doing yourself a huge favor by getting a Visa card. Part of the deal with the NFL is the chance to win tickets to the next Superbowl. 

The Points

The NFL Extra Points Visa Card gives you an extra point for each dollar spent on almost everything that has to do with the NFL. Whether  you buy NFL tickets or at the NFL online store or when you make purchases at the stadium or a team pro shops. While you get the regular point on the dollar for regular purchases, so two points for every NFL purchase and one point for every other purchase.

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The Perks

Well as far as perks go this credit card basically favors NFL fans. You get a twenty percent discount on every purchase  from the NFL online store using this credit card. The first six months gives you free access to Plus other very interesting rewards especially the option to redeem your points for tickets to the Superbowl. You also get a promotional 0 APR on selected NFL purchases. 

American Express Cash Magnet Card

american express cash magnet card - Top-10 Best Credit Cards For Sports Fans 2020
Via American Express

For the NBA fans the American Express Card has been the official NBA credit card for a number of years now. What makes this card special is the way they operate; unlike other partnerships you enjoy the perks for all purchases not just being limited to the NBA alone.

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The Points

You get a 1.5 percent cash back on all purchases not and at any given time. so you’re not limited to just NBA purchases, neither do you have to keep track of other bonuses.

The Perks

Using an American Express card gives you the opportunity to get on board with some of the NBA promotions that are usually available for only a limited amount of time. The great thing about this is the fact that as long as you use an American Express card, you are definitely qualified to enroll for any available promotion. Plus you get 15 months of 0 APR on all purchases from the date the card is issued to you.

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MLB Cash Rewards MasterCard

Just as the name implies, this card rewards MLB fans. Thanks to MasterCard’s collaboration with the MLB, you get to customize your card to show your full support of your favorite team in the MLB. 

The Points

This card gives you a 3 cents on the dollar cash back reward for the first $2500 on purchases made each quarter from one of any category of your choice, from online shopping, gas, restaurant, drugstores, furniture and travel (The obvious choice would be a category where you spend the most cash). You also get 2 cents on the dollar for the first $2500 spent on groceries each quarter plus the regular 1% on all other purchases.

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The Perks

You get a customized card with the logo of your favorite team in the MLB, with a 0 APR for the first 2 months, plus there are no annual fees to worry about. Then your APR is set based on your credit score.

NHL Discover It

nhl discover it - Top-10 Best Credit Cards For Sports Fans 2020

Discover is the official credit card of the NHL. Being an NHL fan, you might want to take advantage of the rewards that comes with using the NHL.

The Points 

You get 5 cents on a dollar for the first $1500 spent on purchases on a selected category each quarter. While the regular 1% also applies to all other purchases. The 5% category usually rotates between Amazon, some selected gas stations, grocery stores and several others.

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The Perks

This credit card comes with 2 very nice perks for every NHL fan who uses the Discover It card. You get a 10% discount for making purchases on the NHL online store when you pay with this credit card using the coupon code ITPAYS. You also get another 10% discount for your NHL.TV subscription when you pay using the Discover It card

Capital One Quick Silver 

capital one quick silver - Top-10 Best Credit Cards For Sports Fans 2020

For all NCAA supporters, the Capital One credit card is your best bet. The company has patnered with the NCAA for more than a decade, but they have also operated a little differently. They don’t have any branded credit cards for the NCAA instead every Capital One card is just one click away from accessing the rewards and promotions on offer.

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The Points

You get 1.5 points on every dollar spent on every purchase using a Capital One card. So you don’t have to keep track of other bonuses in certain categories like other credit cards.

The Perks

0 APR for the first 15 months of opening an account, before an interest rate is set. Every Capital One card user also gets early access to some of the NCAA’s best events. You also enjoy 0 annual fees and 0 foreign charges as a cardholder, which is also great if you get to leave the country once in a while.

Chase Sapphire Reserve

chase sapphire preferred - Top-10 Best Credit Cards For Sports Fans 2020
Via Facebook

Visa has a long term partnership with the Olympics which will stand until the year 2032. So you better keep that in mind when you do show up for the next Olympics. But you have are to pay a $450 annual fee, nevertheless, this is still one of the best credit cards for sports fans

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The Points

You get 5 Chase Ultimate reward points for every dollar spent on travel and restaurants with each point worth 1.5 cents each. These points can be used for car rentals, cruises, hotel bookings and every other thing available on the Chase portal. You also get the regular point per dollar on every other purchase.

The Perks

There are no foreign fees attached, so you can rest easy. You also get car rental insurance of up to $75000 for damages and car theft, and you also get an annual $300 credit for travel

Chase Sapphire Preferred

Another great credit card for trips outside the US, that best suits the Olympics and World Cup fans. With an annual fee of $95 this card is packed with great point benefits that can be used for cruises, hotel bookings, car rentals, and travel using the Chase portal.

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The Points

You get 2 reward points on every dollar spent on restaurants and travel, and 1 reward point for every other purchase made through the Chase Sapphire Preferred. With each reward point worth $0.0125.

The Perks

0 foreign transaction fees, which makes it a great card to use for international travels. It also gives you car rental insurance coverage, so you can rest easy knowing that whenever you are using a rented car, your credit card has got you covered.

American Express Blue Cash Everyday

american express blue cash every day - Top-10 Best Credit Cards For Sports Fans 2020
Via American Express

This is another credit card from the American Express, with 0 APR and 0 annual fee, which makes it the perfect card for everyday use.

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The Points

You get 3% cash back for purchases on any US supermarket for the first $6000 in a year. You also get 2% cash back for money spent on gas and other department stores. Then you get the usual 1% for every other purchase made using the Blue Cash Every Day card.

The Perks

As far as perks go, you get 0 APR for the first 15 months of use, so you can go ahead and purchase that big-ticket that has been on your mind for the past few weeks. But just make sure you clear your debt before the 15 months is gone, or you begin to get some serious APR. The APR is determined by your credit score.

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The American Express Blue Cash Preferred

the american express blue cash preferred - Top-10 Best Credit Cards For Sports Fans 2020
Via American Express

The Blue Cash Preferred rewards you for gas and grocery purchases, at least you’re sure of something in return for the gas money spent driving to see a game. It does have an annual fee of $95 though.

The Points

This card rewards you with 3% cash back on purchases made at every US gas station, plus another 6% on the first $6000 worth of groceries each year before the usual 1% for every other purchases made using the Blue Cash Preferred.

The Perks

You don’t really get any perks for using this card other than 0 APR for the first 12 months of use, before shifting to an APR that is based on your credit score. There is something about a secondary car rental loss insurance though (whatever that means)

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The American Express Everyday card

the american express every day card - Top-10 Best Credit Cards For Sports Fans 2020

As it says on the name, this credit card is meant for your everyday use. It offers some great bonuses for your regular everyday purchases like gas and groceries. It does have an annual fee of $95, and it is still one of the best credit cards for sports fans who enjoy watching games from the television.

The Points

3 points for groceries and supermarket purchases on the first $6000 a year, 2 points for every dollar spent on gas in US gas stations and the regular point for every other purchase. If you use your card for purchases for 30 or more times in a month, you get an extra 50% bonus on the total points for the month.

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The Perks

Well you don’t really get any extra perks for using this card except for the amazing points benefits discussed earlier. However you do get some insurance coverage on car rentals.

Picking the Right Credit Card

Having considered the most desirable credit cards for devoted sports fans available, you would definitely want to consider your options. As much as you want to be loyal to your beloved team, evaluating your finances before making a decision is the best way to go.

Think we left a card out of our selection? Please feel free to make a comment about it.

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