December 7


Using Outdoor Chaise Lounge Covers To Protect Your Favorite Furniture

A garden bench may enhance the look of the outdoors and a beautiful rocking chair is an emblem of style. However, when it comes to comfort, nothing beats the relaxed feeling you may enjoy in a chaise lounge. No wonder, the chaise lounge is fast becoming one of the most preferred pieces of outdoor furniture today.

Structure of the chaise lounge:

The chaise lounge takes up adequate space on the outdoors, so when buying a cover, you need to get something that protects the wide armrests and the seat. You may wonder why you need to cover the chaise lounge.  Typically, this chair is made from teak, softwood, hardwood, or HDPE lumbar. So, when buying a cover for this chair, you need to search for options that are durable, comfortable, and withstand the elements.

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How to select a cover:

You can get chaise lounge chairs for the interiors, and they will hardly need covers, but when you buy one for your patio, you need to be careful while choosing an appropriate option. Here is what you need to have in mind when getting a cover.

  • Measure the size

The chaise lounge chair is wider and longer, so you need to take the measurements before selecting the cover. Unless you take the measurements for buying the cover, you may end up buying oversized and undersized options. The manufacturers may sell covers for specific models of chaise lounge covers and make the necessary arrangements. If you fail to get a form-fitting size when buying a cover for the chair, it is better to switch to an alternative option.

  • Breathable cover
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When selecting chaise lounge covers, you must not forget to check whether the cover includes vents.  The vents allow air to circulate and allow the furniture to remain dry. In other words, the cover you buy should allow the rapped moisture to evaporate with ease.

  • Waterproof or water-resistant

If you live in an area that gets widespread rain, it may promote mildew formation. Therefore, you must not assume that all the covers you buy are waterproof. Many stores sell water-resistant covers that are not as half as good to protect the chaise lounge from fair amount of rain.

  • Windy weather
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The weather may be windy in your area but that does not mean staying worried about the condition of the outdoor furniture. If you fail to care for the wind speed in your area, the chair cover may be blown away anytime. For gusts of wind, you need to get covers that tie down securely to the furniture. So, whether it is for protecting a hardwood or softwood chaise lounge, the cover you buy needs to have a durable fabric.

Color of the cover:

When buying a cover for your chaise lounge, you need to start shopping for the material early or before the onset of winter. The color needs to complement the style of your furniture. For the outdoor lounges made from teak, wicker, pine, and oak, you may prefer earthy tones and shades for the covers.

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The chaise lounge is a piece of classy furniture for the outdoor space, so when buying a cover, you need to look for a high-quality fabric.

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