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WWE Superstars: Top-10 Best WWE Wrestlers 2020

Who are the best WWE Wrestlers this year?

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is home to some of the best professional wrestlers in the world. They have thrilled their fans with symbolic moves, incredible showmanship, and surprisingly outstanding performances.

The franchise prides itself on having some of the biggest superstars in the business among its ranks.

Still, the subject of the best wrestlers of the year has been the subject of controversy, with every WWE fan holding their own opinion.

However, choosing the best WWE Wrestlers for 2020 is quite complicated due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Since we have to decide to rank the 10 best WWE Wrestlers of 2020, the following criteria are what we consider very crucial in ranking these heels:

  • Titles
  • Level in the ring (variety of movements, level of execution, creativity, athleticism, and general performance)
  • Risks
  • Level outside the ring (influence and reaction of the spectator)
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The Best WWE Wrestlers Right Now

10. Bianca Belair

bianca belair - WWE Superstars: Top-10 Best WWE Wrestlers 2020

Presently, when it comes to style and shocking victories, you can always count on Bianca Belair. She is one of the most supported female wrestlers globally, and it’s no surprise to see her on our list.

After her victory and outstanding performance against Shayna Baszler, she became the talk of the town among wrestling fans.

In 2018, she was ranked at number nine in the top 10 female wrestlers of the year due to her outstanding performance.

9. Tommaso Ciampa 

tommaso ciampa - WWE Superstars: Top-10 Best WWE Wrestlers 2020

Before forming DIY with Johny Gargano, Ciampa was highly praised as the biggest heel-turn in NXT history, and he since demonstrated all his charisma in building a fantastic character.

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He was formerly known as Psycho Killer due to the different ways he mentally disturbed his opponents.

Later, Ciampa proved to be as good a heel as he combines his talent inside the ring to become one of the best fighters in the world.

There are few who compare to him in terms of consolidation between character and skill within the rings.

8. Becky Lynch 

becky lynch - WWE Superstars: Top-10 Best WWE Wrestlers 2020

Since her return from her injury in 2012, she has latched her way to the top with astonishing victories and styles. She has won the SmackDown Women’s Champion title a total of three times in her career.

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Becky Lynch made her appearance on the cover page of ESPN magazine-making her the first wrestler to be featured.

Lynch is not just a professional fighter but a born champion as she is the only female wrestler to claim the Raw Women’s Championship title and SmackDown Women’s Championship title- which made her a dual champion.

Also, Lynch is the lengthiest Raw Women’s Champion. She held the title for 399 days before going on a pregnancy break on 11 May 2020.

7. Daniel Bryan 

daniel bryan - WWE Superstars: Top-10 Best WWE Wrestlers 2020

We have a wrestler who almost four years ago retired from professional wrestling at the suggestion of doctors due to various problems that caused him multiple concussions.

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Just a year after his return, Daniel Bryan was crowned WWE champion and starred in one of the best matches of WrestleMania 35.

Daniel Bryan is undoubtedly one of the best athletes of the generation. He proved it this year by giving everything he has in the ring in every episode of SmackDown, in every PPV event, but especially even in the company’s non-televised events all over the world.

Among Bryan’s most prominent matches, the fight against AJ Styles at Money in the Bank stands out. 

6. Brock Lesnar 

brock lesnar 1 - WWE Superstars: Top-10 Best WWE Wrestlers 2020

In modern wrestling, Lesnar is regarded as the most active fighter in the ring.

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Mostly scorned by fans, yet his results are undeniable and powerful in his royal rumble match this year, where he demonstrated his epic performance against several other fighters.

He was in the ring for over an hour eliminating over thirteen different opponents as they came in.

Lesnar may not have won the title, but he tied the record for most eliminations in a Royal Rumble match ever.

5. Seth Rollins 

seth rollins - WWE Superstars: Top-10 Best WWE Wrestlers 2020

Seth Rollins is the man WWE chose to be its biggest star after the rejection and temporary departure of Roman Reigns.

Rollins is tough by nature, a typical hero in the ring, and he has fought every day to earn his place as one of the greats in the world of wrestling. 

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Among his achievements last year is the fight against AJ Styles at Money in the Bank, as well as the last PPV of The Shield in FastLane, the classic fight of Survivor Series in the RAW team, and the fight in SummerSlam against Brock Lesnar.

4. Charlotte Flair 

charlotte flair - WWE Superstars: Top-10 Best WWE Wrestlers 2020

Make way for the queen of Wrestling as she claims her deserved place on the podium of the best female wrestlers of today. Charlotte Flair is without a doubt the best female fighter.

Her physical prowess and ability allow her to handle a technical style with a touch of flying. She is the daughter of legendary wrestler Ric Flair. 

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It is the charisma of the legendary Ric Flair but with impeccable skill in the ring.

After her debut in 2013, she had stopped at nothing but winning every single important match. 

She won the NXT Women’s Champion title in 2015, Raw Women’s Champion 2016, SmackDown Women’s Champion 2018, and undefeated in WrestleMania.

3. Adam Cole 

adam cole - WWE Superstars: Top-10 Best WWE Wrestlers 2020

If someone tells you to think of promising young wrestlers, you will immediately think of Adam Cole.

He is the longest-serving champion in NXT history and is considered by many to be the company’s icon, above Johnny Gargano. 

Cole’s career began in ROH and NXT (similar to Daniel Bryan’s), and now he is one of the most iconic stables of today.

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Being so young, he has a historic level fight, especially the one against Gargano at TakeOver Toronto 2019. Along with being the longest reign in NXT history, he won four awards at the NXT Awards.

Adam Cole, the future of Wrestling and the present of NXT. 

2. Drew Mcintyre

drew mcintyre - WWE Superstars: Top-10 Best WWE Wrestlers 2020

Drew Mcintyre has been a consistent fighter over the last decade, and he is currently at the peak of his wrestling career.

Drew has fought several championships in WWE, one of which was with Brock Lesnar for the WWE title in WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, with no fans in attendance.

He won against Brock Lesna to claim the title for the first time in his career.

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Drew Mcintyre has proven that he can do everything, including jumping out of the ring and landing on his back. Most times, it is surprising fans to see a man of 1.96 meters, and 120 kilos do that. 

1. AJ Styles 

aj styles - WWE Superstars: Top-10 Best WWE Wrestlers 2020

Being phenomenal for this man is not a slogan; it is his reality. The Bullet Club’s second leader was the best in TNA (Impact), he was the best in NJPW, and he is the best WWE wrestler right now.

We see him make a fast-paced aerial move with a strong powerhouse lift and finish off with an agile combination of punches.

He was named Wrestler of the Decade by Pro Wrestling Illustrated, he was GrandSlam Champion in TNA and ROH, maximum champion in NJPW 2 times, and has won every single WWE main cast individual belt.

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In the ’70s, WWE had Ric Flair; in the 80’s they had Sting and Bret Hart; in the 90’s they had Shawn Michales and Undertaker. But all those who grew up watching Wrestling in the 21st century have AJ Styles as their best WWE superstar. 

Final Words

There you have it, our selection of the best Wrestlers in the WWE as of 2020.

It goes without saying that these fantastic WWE Superstars are definitely at the top of their game and have been for several years now. They will continue to mesmerize the crowd with their incredible performances.

Who do you think should have made it into this list? Please let us know in the comments section.

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