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How can you perform keyword research for your E-commerce website?

Keyword research for e-commerce websites is a bit different than blog keyword research. The main goal of doing e-commerce keyword research is to promote sales, and you would need more promotional content than a normal website.

You will have to look for more targeted keywords that would help increase the traffic towards your e-commerce website.

Why is keyword research important for an online store?

Digital marketing is the future of your online store. No one uses old marketing and business promoting techniques that include ads in newspapers and television. The time has changed so is the way of marketing techniques.

  1. People simply enter a word that describes their need in the search engine that would simply take them to their destination. Using keywords in your content will make your website appear in the search engine. It is how a customer would order items from your online store.
  2. When you do keyword research, you will get to know what people are looking for nowadays and how they make a search for it.
  3. When you get to know about the trending keywords, you will be able to use them in the promoting content of your online store.
  4. Knowing the customer’s needs is very important, and through keyword research, you will get to know them in a better way.
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Using keywords with higher search volume means more traffic. So, with the help of keyword research, you will get to know about the keywords with more competition.

Keywords that would improve your e-commerce website ranking

You might get confused between general keywords and commercial keywords. How will you differentiate between them? You don’t have to use general keywords because you will be promoting your business, and you should go for the commercial keywords.

General keywords will be more like a single work, for example, “purse.” If you use this keyword, then your website won’t get highlighted. It would be a general keyword.

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On the contrary, a commercial keyword would be more specific, and it might be a long-tail keyword. For example, “purses for women.” You need to use these keywords for your e-commerce website to improve its ranking in the search engines.

How can you find keywords for your e-commerce website?

Here are a few ways through which you will be able to find highly competitive keywords for your e-commerce website:

1. Google search

You can literally find anything while using the Google search engine. For keyword research, google search engine would be a perfect site to start with. Once you start typing, you will start getting suggestions. Those suggestions are those keywords with high search volume. Try to keep your research limited.

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2. Keyword tools

You can get a little help in looking for the keywords for your e-commerce website. There are tools that would provide you with keywords. SEMRUSH is one of the tools that you can use while looking for keywords in the SEO keyword magic section.

Once you enter a keyword, you will get other relevant keywords in the results. You can look for long-tail keywords because it has a useful certain search volume for them. keyword research for ecommerce websites can be helpful if you use good tools.

3. Google keyword tool

If you trust Google only, then you can use the Google keyword tool. Yes, this tool will let you know about the competitive keywords for e-commerce business websites.

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4. Use your competitor’s keywords

If you don’t want to do keyword research and you are looking for an easy way out, then simply open your competitor’s website. Look for the keywords that your competitor has been using in their content.

While optimizing your website pages, you can use the same keyword. But first, you need to know the search volume of those keywords. SEMRUSH will help you with this task. Simply copy-paste the URL of your competitor’s website in that tool and get a full report of the keyword details.

5. Get help from Wikipedia

The final step in your keyword research has to be a Wikipedia search. You will get detailed blogs and articles on almost every topic. You can look for keywords from Wikipedia, plus you will learn how you should manage your shop’s structure.

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E-commerce blog keyword research

You are done with your business website. Keyword research doesn’t mean that you have done everything from your side. You need to do blog keyword research as well. Before buying anything from your online store, they might want to have a look at your blog page. So, doing blog keyword research is also important for your online business shop.

Final Remarks:

You might have understood the importance of keyword research for your e-commerce website. Research and use the right type of keywords that would be relevant to your business and has high search volume.

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