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Coffee and Its Best Replacements for Energy Boost

Most people can’t imagine their morning without a cup of coffee. Caffeine and other substances contained in the drink quickly start the body. You instantly feel a burst of energy and vigor. However, there is a downside to this ritual. According to recent studies, caffeine abuse is fraught with negative consequences: increased blood pressure, dehydration, migraine, and irritability. There are plenty of alternative drinks for a brisk start to the day, thanks to which you will have enough energy to work, create a Hellspin login, and have a long walk.


So what to replace morning coffee with minimal health consequences to stay awake? There is an answer to this question. The main thing is to find one that you will enjoy, and we are ready to help you with that.

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Why Coffee Is Invigorating

To understand the reasons for the invigorating effect that coffee has on the body, first of all, you should carefully study its composition. Coffee contains a number of substances that have a tonic effect. These include:

  • A substance that constricts blood vessels and increases blood pressure.
  • Theobromine, theophylline, and vitamin PP. Substances that have a pronounced hypotensive effect.
  • Coffee contains other substances, such as caffeodubilic and acetic acids, nitrogenous compounds, and fats, which have a tonic effect and cause a burst of energy.


Due to the fact that caffeine is quickly absorbed and enters the bloodstream, the invigorating effect of coffee comes 15-20 minutes after drinking a cup. First, blood pressure rises. Interestingly, the molecular structure of caffeine is similar to that of adenosine, the substance responsible for wakefulness and sleep. As a result of replacing adenosine with caffeine, the signals of the desire to sleep going to the brain are blocked.

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How the Tonic Effect of Coffee Manifests Itself

  • Mental activity is activated, and the effect of lethargy disappears.
  • Breathing and pulse rate increase. The brain begins to receive more oxygen.
  • Increases the amount of gastric juice secreted. Appetite appears, and the work of the gastrointestinal tract is activated.
  • Metabolic processes are accelerated, and there is a feeling of lightness.


However, there is a reverse side of coffee doping. Without an additional cup of coffee, the state of vigor is quickly replaced by lethargy, sleepiness, fatigue, and apathy. This is due to the substitution of caffeine contained in the drink by vasodilators, also included in its composition.

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At this point, you can take another cup of coffee, but you should not rush to brew another portion of the aromatic beverage. Instead of a charge of vivacity, there is a chance to get a whole list of negative consequences: insomnia, increased excitability, tinnitus, and an increased heartbeat. By the way, such symptoms occur not only with coffee but also with other drinks containing caffeine.


In the morning, a well-rested body doesn’t need a new portion of caffeine. One cup is enough to block 50% of adenosine receptors for 5-6 hours. During this time, fatigue signals will not reach the brain.


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After we have studied the mechanism of action of coffee on the body and the main manifestations of the invigorating effect, it’s time to move on to a review of useful drinks with similar properties to coffee doping.

3 Drinks for a Morning Boost of Vigor and Energy

Caffeine, responsible for the tonic effect, is found not only in coffee but also in other products. Let’s look at what drinks you can drink in the morning instead of coffee to stay awake all day.

Black Tea

Tea has been known to man for over 1000 years. No wonder, because tea leaves contain over 300 chemical compounds. One of them is theine. The substance affects the brain, making it work faster and more coordinated.

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Black tea has the following properties: it contains calcium, phosphorus, and manganese. But the main advantage of tea over coffee is different. Theine, unlike caffeine, has a long-term tonic effect. The constant use of tea increases the overall tone of the CNS and the entire body.

Green Tea

The properties and composition of green tea make it one of the most useful morning drinks to get a charge of vigor. The tonic effect of tea is provided with caffeine, the content of which is even greater than in coffee, but its invigorating effect on the body is much milder. Why? It’s all down to the combination with natural tannin.

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The peak of the invigorating effect of drinking green tea comes as early as half an hour after taking the drink. Unlike coffee, the tonic effect of tea decreases evenly over 4-5 hours. Excitement isn’t replaced by sharp apathy, but this is far from the only advantage of green tea. It also has a positive effect:

  • On the reaction by increasing the speed of transmission of nerve impulses and increasing concentration.
  • Reducing irritability due to the complex of vitamins and minerals contained in green tea.
  • The development of conditioned reflexes.
  • Memory and concentration.


Green tea has a tonic effect not only on the brain but also on the muscular system. That’s why it’s included in the list of favorite drinks of people exposed to increased physical activity and stress: athletes, travelers, and wildlife explorers.

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The invigorating and tonic effect of cocoa is objectively inferior to the effect of a burst of strength and energy obtained from coffee, but this doesn’t prevent it from being one of the five best morning drinks.


Caffeine, theophylline, theobromine, and phenylethylamine are the main substances that make up cocoa and are responsible for the invigorating properties of the drink. Their combined effect on the body causes a tonic effect and is accompanied by other positive changes: improved concentration, increased stamina, and mood elevation.


The so-called cold cocoa, which isn’t processed by high temperature, accelerates recovery processes in muscle tissues. It’s not for nothing that it’s chosen by athletes and people experiencing high physical loads.

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Magnesium, contained in cocoa beans, helps in stressful situations, is important for bones, and promotes recovery. Iron is necessary for the prevention of anemia, and chromium is responsible for maintaining optimal glucose concentration. Bioflavonoids are unique in their effect on the body. By neutralizing active oxygen, they reduce the risk of neoplasms.

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