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8 Different Types Of Casino Bonuses

A casino or judi slot online bonus comes in many different forms, from no deposit bonuses to sign-up bonuses and everything in between. The most common type of casino bonus is the deposit bonus, which requires players to deposit into their casino account to qualify for the offer.

In some cases, players may have to meet certain wagering requirements before they can withdraw their winnings from the bonus for rtp slot tertinggi hari ini. If you are not sure what type of bonus best suits your needs, then this guide will help you understand the different types of casino bonuses available and when they might be worth it for you to claim one.

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Welcome Bonuses

A casino welcome bonus is a type of deposit bonus offered to brand new players who have never played at that specific casino before. The amounts differ but are typically between 100% and 300% of your initial deposit (though some casinos will offer more, up to 400%). If you are not familiar with how to use bonuses properly, they can be a fairly bad idea.

But if you know what you’re doing, then bonuses can help get you off on a great start by essentially multiplying your initial bet amount by as much as three times. For example, if you deposit $100 and get a 200% welcome bonus worth $200, then your total bankroll is $300 — since each dollar in your account essentially represents two dollars of wagering power.

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First Deposit Bonuses

Whether it’s a free chip or bonus, first deposit bonuses are typically awarded to new players that sign up through an online casino. These bonuses can range anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars and they offer you an opportunity to get in on your feet and start playing. For instance, if you were to deposit $100 and receive a 100% match bonus of $100, you’d be able to play with $200 rather than just $100.

In addition to being very generous, these bonuses usually have some type of wagering requirement attached. For example, your winnings may need to be wagered a certain number of times before you can withdraw them.

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This helps casinos keep more money within their network by encouraging people to play longer and more often. For these types of bonuses to work out well for both parties involved, you must understand how they work before signing up so there aren’t any surprises later down the road.

Reload Bonuses

In addition to a welcome bonus, many casinos offer to reload bonuses. With these, you’ll get a certain amount of money as soon as you’ve made another deposit into your account. Some reload bonuses are good for just one use while others last longer and allow you to take advantage of multiple deposits. Be sure to keep an eye out for special or limited-time offers.

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Sometimes, a casino will offer an exclusive promo code that works only on one deposit; miss it and you’ll have missed out completely!


VIP Programs

Sometimes known as a players’ club, these programs are often incredibly lucrative for players. They can give you valuable rewards such as cashback and free room nights, but many online casinos also offer other perks through their VIP programs, like invitations to special events, early access to new games, and even personal concierge services.

You might have to spend money to earn status with a casino’s VIP program, which is certainly worth it when you look at what it can offer in terms of rewards.

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Free Cash Tournaments and Freerolls

The best way to get started with casino bonuses is to enter for free. Freerolls, which are sometimes called free-range or free-to-enter tournaments, are a great place to start if you’re new. They generally cost nothing and have a prize pool that is paid out in cash instead of in tournament chips.

This means there is nothing at stake; so even if you lose, you can simply move on to another tournament without losing any money. Most freerolls also require no buy-in fee because they are funded by entry fees from players who want first access to free poker tournament chips that give them an edge over competitors during online events.

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Loyalty Points

Every time you make a bet, loyalty points are added to your account. These can be used to claim free money once you’ve accumulated enough, but more often than not players just use them as an excuse to keep on gambling. This is dangerous because loyalty points encourage players to gamble more and more, in turn making it harder for them to stop.

To gamble responsibly, avoid loyalty points and only play with your own money. Use bonuses for an occasional boost of confidence. If you don’t want to risk real money at all, there are plenty of free online casino games that allow you to practice your skills without any risk.

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Affiliate Programs

Online casinos that want to attract new players use affiliate programs. That’s because they have no control over what games or services are offered by a website with an affiliate program. They can offer high-paying sign-up bonuses and big giveaways in hopes of attracting players, but there is only so much they can do since affiliates have full control over how often they advertise their website and what kinds of promotions they include.

This gives casino operators some security that most players who join will stick around at least long enough to allow them to recoup their investments in bonuses, while also offering new members an easy way to make money online by doing very little.

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Special Events (Casino Holidays, etc.)

Don’t miss these special events just because you’re new to playing at an online casino. These can be a great time to gain an advantage over other players and try out new games with reduced house odds. Check for extra rounds on your favorite games; you may be able to win even more! And don’t forget that most welcome bonuses are generally easier to clear promptly during special event days.


With so many casino bonuses available today, how do you know which one to take advantage of? There are many different types of casino bonuses, and each has its own set of rules, conditions, and even requirements before you can cash out any money you win. Here are eight different types of casino bonuses that may be offered to you the next time you go online gambling or visit your local brick-and-mortar casinos.

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