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5 Easy Hacks to Save More and Have a Better Life

Everyone can learn to save and understand how to save money properly. To do this, you need to know and follow a few basic rules of financial literacy.  And if you have just hit the jackpot via your Bizzo Casino login account, you should save at least 20% of this sum.


Why Save Money

Some people believe that savings limit freedom and make you give up something important. In fact, the constant satisfaction of immediate desires can harm your financial situation.


It will be difficult to save without a goal and motivation, so first understand why you want to save.

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Use the “Pay Yourself First” Rule

From each cash inflow, first set aside a certain amount and only then distribute the rest.


It’s widely accepted advice to put aside 10-15% of your income each month to save money quickly. You can start with less. If you spend all your earnings on living, 10% may be too much. In this case, it’s important to train yourself to save without reducing your standard of living, even with a modest income.


Start with 1-5% of your paycheck: it should be easy to save money to form a habit. Gradually increase the amount. With each increase in salary, save more. From bonuses and the sale of property, you can put 30 to 50% of the amount you receive into a savings account.Count Your Expenses

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Start writing down your expenses, taking into account even minor purchases. Keep a record of your spending by category, for example: groceries, transportation, utilities, entertainment. After a month, you will realize how much you spend on each category.


Analyze the results. Perhaps you will realize that you can spend less on some purchases or you can easily do without them. Do you really need coffee on the way to work if it’s available at the office? Perhaps that $3 is better put off.


Make a budget for the next month. To do this, analyze the amount you spent last month on each category and try to optimize it. Eliminate unnecessary purchases, and find things you can save money on.

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Set limits for each of the major categories. To start saving money, you must limit your spending. The amount you set should be enough to cover all your expenses in the respective category in the next month. These limits form your budget. To start saving, you must stay within them.


Set aside money in advance for big seasonal expenses. That way, you won’t have to rearrange your family budget and make big cuts in other categories when it’s time to buy winter clothes, for example. Start saving a little a few months before you buy.


When one begins to track, analyze and control spending, the very 10-15% of income that is recommended to be set aside is freed up.

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Create a Safety Cushion

If you don’t have a safety cushion, save for one first. This is your personal emergency fund. The money from it should be enough for six months of your life. The safety cushion will help you in case you lose your job, your income is reduced, or you don’t have additional income. Such savings keep you calm.

Avoid Spontaneous Purchases

To save money in a short period of time, try to avoid emotional and spontaneous purchases.


When going to the store, make a list of what you want to buy. Follow it strictly, don’t take too much: don’t go to stores where you do not plan to make a purchase.

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Before you put a product in your cart, think for a couple of seconds: do you really need it? Little things like that are a big drain on your budget.


Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry – there’s a chance you’ll pick up extra groceries.


Try to eat at home and spend less in cafes. As a rule, taking food with you to work is more economical than having lunch in a canteen. And often, it’s tastier and healthier.

Set Goals

Before you set aside funds, determine what you need them for. Formulate a clear goal, for example, “To save $2,000 by September for a vacation with your family.” It will be clear to you how much you need to save each month to effectively move towards your goal.

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