June 29


Amazing Robots

Information is waging new trends in our world. Several decades ago only writers could describe the world filled with robots. Today robots are everywhere, we should just take a closer look. If you gambling at Woo Casino you should know that your luck is fighting against the robots! Soon enough robots will be living in each house as pets and helpers. Our world slowly but steadily is becoming more digitized.

Microrobots can be used in various areas. They can deliver medicines, pollinate plants and find missing people. And their era, it seems, is already close. We would like to share some of them.

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Scientists from Stanford University have created a prototype of 7.8 mm wide. This prototype is an origami robot. They called him a millirobot cause of its size. It is moving and rotating in a specific form. It can take the Kresling pattern.

The robot is using an electromagnetic field. It can move in narrow spaces and change shape according to the situation. This robot was created for medical issues. Its desired functions are delivering drugs, diagnosing diseases, and even surgical interventions.

   Spy Robot

You can watch a lot of movies about spies all over the world. The most famous is Agent 007. Using UAVs in different spheres today is an astonishing event. Imagine a UAV that can spy because of its small size. The spy drone Black Hornet from the US conglomerate Teledyne is coming for help. It was designed to help with the detection of possible threats to infantry. It fits in the palm of an adult and it is working almost silently.

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The Black Hornet can operate for up to 25 minutes and fly up to 2 km on a single battery. It can also transmit real-time videos and high-quality images to the operator. The only thing left is to add some weapons and you can create a new movie about robots. It costs $200 thousand.


The RoboBee was invented by scientists in order to find out more information about bees and their biology. This is a coin-sized robot that can be used for plant pollination, search and rescue, surveillance, and weather and climate monitoring. If bees vanish, it might cause huge negative consequences on our life and the planet. The idea of creating robots is amazing!

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The robot is powered and controlled by a small electrical cable.


Don’t try to hit it with your newspaper. Scientists from the University of Washington have created this tiny robot. RobotFly is slightly heavier than a toothpick. It has almost the same size as a real fly.

The robot creators think that in the future RobotFly can be used in finding the gas leak, as well as receive the energy from radio frequency signals or a small battery. I think there should be more options for a RobotFly.

 Rani Therapeutics Robotic Medicines

These purple capsules were invented by Rani Therapeutics. They can deliver any type of drug to the right place in our bodies. It is like using the GPS system in our organism. The development of wise drugs are still in process, so who knows, maybe soon enough by eating one of them we get all the necessary information about our health on our phone.

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In conclusion, scientists all over the world are creating amazing things. Robots will be everywhere. At the moment the main problem of any robot is energy. The smaller the robot the more problems with using an alternative energy type. Who knows maybe you are a fantastic genius who knows how to help the small robots absolutely join and become a part of our life.

The future will be interesting!

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