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How Much is Samuel Hubinette Worth? The Surprising Net Worth of the Drift King Revealed!


Samuel Hubinette, also known as the “Drift King,” is a professional Swedish drift driver who has made a tremendous impact in the motoring world. His outstanding performance in drifting competitions has earned him numerous titles, making him one of the most celebrated drift drivers of all time. But, how much is Samuel Hubinette worth? That’s the question many people ask when they come across his name. In this article, we’ll reveal his surprising net worth, his journey to success, and answer some frequently asked questions about the Drift King.

The Early Years

Samuel Hubinette was born on 1st November 1974, in Jokkmokk, a small town located on the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden. Growing up, Samuel had a deep passion for cars and motorsports, which influenced his decision to pursue a career in racing. He started driving go-karts at a young age, and by the time he was a teenager, he had already developed an interest in rally racing.

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In 1995, Samuel Hubinette moved to the United States to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional racecar driver. Working odd jobs, he managed to save enough money to purchase his first car, a Mazda RX-7, which he modified and entered into his first drifting competition in 2002.

The Rise to Fame

In 2004, Samuel Hubinette joined Team Mopar, a professional drifting team sponsored by Dodge. That same year, he won his first Formula Drift championship, driving a Dodge Viper SRT-10 with more than 750 horsepower. This was just the beginning of his numerous accomplishments in the sport.

Over the years, Samuel has won many drifting events, including the Red Bull Drifting World Championship in 2007. He has also been featured in several movies, such as The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and the MTV show Trick It Out.

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The Net Worth of the Drift King

Now, let’s get to the most exciting part of this article. How much is Samuel Hubinette worth? Well, as of 2021, the Drift King’s net worth is approximately $6 million. This does not only come from his successes in competitions but also from his various endorsements and sponsorships. Samuel has worked with several brands such as Dodge, Chrysler, and Red Bull, which have paid him handsomely for his services.

Samuel Hubinette Today

Today, Samuel Hubinette is 46 years old and has retired from professional drifting. He now focuses his energy on creating content for his YouTube Channel and designing custom cars for clients.

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In a recent interview, Samuel Hubinette stated that he was grateful for his achievements in the sport, and enjoyed every moment of it. He also expressed his desire to inspire the next generation of motorsports enthusiasts.


Q1: How much does Samuel Hubinette earn annually?

A1: Samuel’s annual income is not publicly known, but he has a net worth of approximately $6 million, which he accumulated from his drifting career, brand endorsements, and partnership deals.

Q2: What was Samuel Hubinette’s first car?

A2: Samuel’s first car was a Mazda RX-7, which he eventually modified and entered into his first drifting competition.

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Q3: Has Samuel Hubinette ever been in an accident?

A3: Yes, Samuel has been in several car accidents throughout his career, but thankfully, he has never sustained any serious injuries.

Q4: Does Samuel Hubinette have any children?

A4: Yes, Samuel has two children, a daughter named Maja, and a son named Max.

Q5: What is Samuel Hubinette’s most significant accomplishment in his career?

A5: Samuel’s most significant accomplishment in his career was winning the Red Bull Drifting World Championship in 2007.

Q6: What is Samuel Hubinette’s favorite car?

A6: Samuel’s favorite car is the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. He has owned several of them over the years and has customized them to suit his preferences.

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Q7: Is Samuel Hubinette still involved in motorsports?

A7: No, Samuel retired from professional drifting in 2013 but is still involved in the motorsports industry through his YouTube channels and designing custom cars for clients.


Samuel Hubinette’s net worth is a testament to his success as a professional racecar driver and his brand’s influence in the motorsports industry. He has paved the way for many aspiring drift drivers and has inspired a new generation of motorsports enthusiasts. Through his hard work and dedication, Samuel Hubinette has created an enduring legacy as the Drift King, and his name will continue to inspire people for years to come.

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