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There are several different types of technologies for your home. And not everyone is only to play National Casino.

  • Household appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, stoves, refrigerators),
  • Consumer electronics (televisions, speakers),
  • security devices (locks, cameras, doors) and
  • Environmental monitoring systems (thermostats, blinds, lighting, irrigation systems).

The beauty of these home appliances is that they fit into almost any home. In fact, you do not need a networked “smart home” to enjoy the benefits of a smart appliance. But with such a wide range on offer, many find themselves in a dilemma as to which of them is worth investing in. To introduce you to the options and help you make a decision, below are our seven favorites and their main features.

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The next device that will save you from unnecessary worries is a smart thermostat. Not only does it allow you to remotely control the home’s heating and cooling system, but it also lets you adjust temperatures based on time. Some models come with sensors that you install in different rooms to ensure a constant temperature throughout the house. Now, the more advanced models set themselves up automatically: they learn your daytime and nighttime habits in the first few weeks and then regulate the temperature automatically. They also generate reports on power consumption within the application.


Temperature is extremely important, especially in the bedroom, as it affects sleep quality. If it’s too high or too low, you’ll find it much harder to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. According to experts, the optimal sleeping temperature for most people is around 18°C, which you do not even have to deal with if you have a smart thermostat installed.

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A smart home saves you a lot of worries, but also forces a new one on you: the house can quickly become a target for burglars attracted by advanced devices. So why not add a smart lock to your collection of smart devices? This will allow you to say goodbye to looking for keys, as you’ll have the option to unlock with your phone, and at the same time, you’ll never have to wonder if you locked the front door, as it will lock itself.


We at Inotherm have also developed the intelligent door opening and locking system and named it INOSMART accordingly. At the same time, the system allows unlocking with a numerical code and a fingerprint, so you can store up to a hundred different entries in each mode. The fingerprint is recognized by the reader from any angle in less than a second. It relies on a self-learning algorithm that detects and remembers fingerprint changes each time you read them, so you only do the enrollment process once and never again.

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Inosmart – the intelligent door opening system

The beginning of a smart home is already at the entrance.

INOSMART has also earned the title of “smart” system, thanks to an application that allows you to grant access to other people at a given time.




Vacuuming is a task that you certainly don’t have time for during the week, so you put it off until the weekend. Once the weekend arrives, however, you find that you’d rather devote it to relaxing than cleaning up. The solution is a robot vacuum cleaner that will do this dirty and time-consuming work for you. Laser sensors that scan the room before vacuuming ensure that it is effective and that it crashes or gets stuck as little as possible. Based on this, the vacuum cleaner plans the optimal route.

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What else do robot vacuums offer? Some can be emptied automatically, some adjust the suction method to the surface, and others can be directed remotely to the room to be cleaned. In addition, most allow you to preset the suction time, which is convenient.




Modern refrigerators can be connected to other smart devices in your home.

Finally, there is the kitchen. A real smart home is not complete without a smart refrigerator. It has more or less the same shape as its old-fashioned versions, but it usually differs in that it has an integrated touchscreen. This helps you keep track of what is in the fridge and even creates a shopping list based on it. Extremely practical if you want to reduce the stress before shopping.

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