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Mariangela Giordano: From Dance to Wealth


Mariangela Giordano is a renowned actress, dancer, choreographer and businesswoman from Italy. She exemplifies the meaning of hard work and dedication, having risen to fame in the Italian dance and theater scene in the early 80s. She performed with some of the most influential companies in the country and later went on to start her own dance company.

However, Mariangela Giordano is more than just a dancer and performer. She is a savvy entrepreneur who managed to translate her passion into significant wealth. With her commitment, creativity and business acumen, Mariangela Giordano has made her mark as not just a cultural icon, but a successful businesswoman.

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The Early Years – Embarking on a Dancing Career

Mariangela Giordano was born in 1956 in Bari, a small city in Italy. Her passion for dance and theater began taking shape in her teenage years when she started to perform locally. After completing her studies, she moved to Milan in pursuit of her dream.

In Milan, Mariangela Giordano began working as a performer with theater companies and dance troupes. She trained in classical ballet, contemporary dance, and jazz, among other styles. She collaborated with some of the most famous choreographers and directors in Italy. Her talent and hard work propelled her to stardom, and she soon became one of the most respected dancers in the country.

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Founding a Dance Company

Mariangela Giordano’s love for dance continued to grow, and in 1987, she decided to start her own dance company, Giordano Dance, which was later renamed ARiDa Dance Company. The company started touring the Italian peninsula and gained massive popularity for its contemporary dance performances.

Mariangela Giordano’s creative and artistic vision helped her win the trust of sponsors, and her company soon started receiving significant funding. Her success with the ARiDa Dance Company was a testament to her entrepreneurial skills and marketing strategies. The company’s popularity and success still resonate across Italy today.

Mariangela Giordano’s Acting Career

Mariangela Giordano did not limit her imaginative portfolio to dance alone. She ventured into the realm of acting and has played some significant roles in both theater and film. She starred in many dramas, comedies, and even Italian soap operas, where she charmed the audience with her graceful performance.

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Mariangela Giordano’s acting career was not just a side hustle but propelled her into newfound heights of fame and adoration. She supported the entertainment industry with her talents and made a significant mark on Italian theater and cinema.

Businesses and Investments

Mariangela Giordano’s entrepreneurial prowess did not stall with the formation of the ARiDa Dance Company alone. She also explored other business ventures. She invested in a wellness and beauty brand, Concept Spa, which further showed her interest in different business niches.

Mariangela Giordano also owned an elegant villa in Apulia, which she renovated and resold for a sizeable profit. Her eagle-eyed vision for potential profits was one of many successful examples of her investment portfolio.

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Philanthropic Work

Mariangela Giordano has also devoted herself to giving back to society by supporting various nonprofit organizations. She visited earthquake-stricken areas in central Italy, providing aid and assistance, and donated significantly to humanitarian causes.

Mariangela Giordano’s commitment to philanthropy is an inspiration and further cements her as a socially responsible and caring businesswoman.


Q1 – What is Mariangela Giordano famous for?

A1 – Mariangela Giordano is famous for her work in Italian dance and theater. She was a renowned dancer, choreographer, and founder of the ARiDa Dance Company.

Q2 – Why is Mariangela Giordano a successful businesswoman?

A2 – Mariangela Giordano is a successful businesswoman because she was a creative entrepreneur, successfully founding the ARiDa Dance Company and investing in other ventures, including Concept Spa.

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Q3 – Was Mariangela Giordano only involved in dance and theater?

A3 – No, Mariangela Giordano also ventured into acting and starred in dramas, comedies, and even Italian soap operas.

Q4 – What makes Mariangela Giordano a caring businesswoman?

A4 – Mariangela Giordano has devoted herself to philanthropy. She has supported various non-profit organizations and donated significantly to humanitarian causes.

Q5 – Which companies did Mariangela Giordano collaborate with during her dancing career?

A5 – Mariangela Giordano collaborated with some of the most famous choreographers and directors in Italy during her dancing career.

Q6 – What other business ventures was Mariangela Giordano involved in?

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A6 – Mariangela Giordano also invested in a wellness and beauty brand and owned an elegant villa that she renovated and resold.

Q7 – What was the original name of Mariangela Giordano’s dance company?

A7 – Mariangela Giordano’s dance company was initially called Giordano Dance, which was later renamed ARiDa Dance Company.


Mariangela Giordano’s journey from a small town in Italy to a famous, respected, and successful businesswoman exemplifies the power of talent, hard work, and passion. Her creative and entrepreneurial vision and philanthropic commitment show that wealth does not always have to be the ultimate goal in life. As a renowned actress, dancer, choreographer and businesswoman, Mariangela Giordano is an inspiration to many, and her legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.

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