August 23


The Best Phone Music Players in 2022

Even in the era of digitalization and streaming services, there are still people who are loyal to the good old-fashioned way of listening to music – from the built-in memory of their smartphone. These are also those people who go to land-based casinos instead of creating a Woo Casino login. For these people, high-quality audio players with advanced features are the greatest options, and we’ll help you get your bearings in the variety of music apps.


Today, the download of the latest music player Poweramp is based on the latest songs and audio playback technology. This app combines an aesthetically pleasing interface, quality audio engine and a huge number of features. But first things first.

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Poweramp boasts a user-friendly interface, smooth lines and a pleasant color scheme. The player supports a variety of design themes and subtle customization of even minor interface details – you can change the font, change the location of some elements and even draw your own “skin”.


Poweramp is also quite good with functionality – the user has a proprietary audio engine, 32-band equalizer, multiple sound effects, direct volume control and extensive audio output settings. Poweramp can also sort the user’s media library in any way imaginable: by folder, artist, genre, etc.


Poweramp has a sleep timer, autoloading of high-resolution artwork, scrubbing, Android Auto support, and fine-tuning of the headset control.

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Poweramp has a long trial period, which is enough to test absolutely all the features of the player – after that the program will have to be purchased.


It’s the same audio player that many Windows users have known since time immemorial. The Android version came much later, but quickly became popular among AIMP fans and new users alike.


The user interface of the app is minimalist: by default, the main part of the main screen occupies the cover of the track, and the lower and upper parts are reserved for controls and quick settings. If you want, you can customize the player’s appearance – AIMP has four built-in themes with dynamically adjustable tones, but if that’s not enough, you can download a third-party “skin”.

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Functions of the player can upset demanding users: the app doesn’t support playback by folder, equalizer can not boast a huge number of bands, and sound effects – a dime a dozen. But you can create separate playlists.


But AIMP supports several quality sound output mechanisms, it’s friendly with Android Auto, it plays radio via the Internet and switches tracks with the volume buttons. In general, the player has its own interesting features, too!

Neutron Music Player

Neutron Music Player has the most extensive toolset for the highest quality sound output currently available, no other similar app can compete with it on this criterion.

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As Neutron Music Player was created mainly for audiophiles, the interface of the program can repel an unprepared user. The developers of the app openly declare that Neutron Music Player is not another “pop” player, but a serious program with a complex user interface.


The interface of Neutron Music Player is really hard to perceive, the player has a lot of ugly icons and confusing navigation – sometimes it seems that they didn’t even bother with the program design at all.


But still the main values of Neutron Music Player are the abundance of audiophile settings, Hi-Res Audio support and the use of a high-quality audio engine called Neutron HiFi Audio Engine. Parametric 60-band EQ, dithering, oversampling, amplitude normalization, and preamp are just a taste of what the Neutron Music Player can do.

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However, the player has a limited trial period, after which the user will have to shell out the purchase price.

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