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“The Rise and Tragic End of Nick Cordero’s Net Worth: A Deep Dive”


Nick Cordero was a talented Canadian actor, singer, and musician who was known for his work in Broadway shows such as “Bullets Over Broadway,” “Waitress,” and “A Bronx Tale.” Unfortunately, Nick passed away on July 5th, 2020, after a three-month battle with COVID-19. The Broadway community mourned his loss, as he was a beloved actor with a promising career ahead of him. Nick’s tragic end was a devastating blow to his family, friends, and fans, and it also had a significant impact on his net worth. In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into the rise and tragic end of Nick Cordero’s net worth.

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Section 1: The Rise of Nick Cordero’s Net Worth

Nick Cordero moved to New York City in 2008 to pursue his dream of becoming a Broadway actor. He landed his first Broadway role in 2012 as Dennis in the musical “Rock of Ages.” This led to numerous opportunities, including being cast as Cheech in “Bullets Over Broadway,” which earned him a Tony nomination. Nick’s net worth began to grow as he gained more recognition in the Broadway community.

Section 2: Nick Cordero’s Earnings from Broadway Shows

Nick Cordero’s earnings varied from show to show. For his role in “Bullets Over Broadway,” he made approximately $1,500 per week. He was also part of the original cast of “Waitress,” where he made around $2,000 per week. In addition to his weekly pay, he also received a percentage of the show’s profits. It is estimated that Nick’s net worth from his Broadway shows was around $1.5 million.

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Section 3: Nick Cordero’s Income from Music and Television

Aside from his work on Broadway, Nick Cordero was also a talented musician and appeared on several television shows. He released a solo album called “Live Your Life” in 2011, and his band, Nick Cordero and the Bad Decisions, performed in various music festivals. He also appeared in TV shows such as “Blue Bloods” and “Law and Order: SVU.” These projects contributed to Nick’s net worth, which continued to grow.

Section 4: Nick Cordero’s Personal Life and Expenses

Nick Cordero was married to Amanda Kloots, a fitness instructor, and they had a son named Elvis. As a family, they lived in a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. Nick had to split his income between his family’s living expenses and his career expenses, such as rehearsals, costumes, and travel. Despite these expenses, Nick’s net worth was still considerable.

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Section 5: The Impact of COVID-19 on Nick Cordero’s Net Worth

In March 2020, Nick Cordero was diagnosed with COVID-19 and was admitted to the hospital. His condition worsened, and he had to undergo several surgeries and amputations. His medical bills reached over $1 million, and his family had to start a GoFundMe page to help cover the expenses. During this time, Nick was unable to work, and his income stream halted, leading to a significant impact on his net worth.

Section 6: Nick Cordero’s Legacy

Although Nick Cordero’s net worth was impacted, his legacy lived on. His fans and colleagues remembered him for his incredible talent, his kindness, and his spirit. The Nick Cordero Memorial Fund was created to support his family and raise awareness about COVID-19. His wife, Amanda Kloots, wrote a book titled “Live Your Life” about their love story and Nick’s battle with the virus, which became a New York Times Bestseller.

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Section 7: FAQs

Q1. How much was Nick Cordero worth?

A1. Nick Cordero’s net worth was estimated at $1.5 million before his untimely passing.

Q2. What was Nick Cordero’s most successful Broadway show?

A2. Nick Cordero’s most successful Broadway show was “Bullets Over Broadway,” which earned him a Tony nomination.

Q3. Did Nick Cordero have any other sources of income apart from theatre?

A3. Yes, Nick Cordero was also a musician and appeared on various TV shows.

Q4. How much did Nick Cordero’s medical bills cost?

A4. Nick Cordero’s medical bills reached over $1 million.

Q5. How did Nick Cordero’s net worth change after he was diagnosed with COVID-19?

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A5. Nick Cordero’s net worth was significantly impacted as he was unable to work during his hospitalization.

Q6. What is the Nick Cordero Memorial Fund?

A6. The Nick Cordero Memorial Fund was created to support his family and raise awareness about COVID-19.

Q7. What is Amanda Kloots writing about in “Live Your Life”?

A7. Amanda Kloots wrote about her love story with Nick Cordero and his battle with COVID-19.


Nick Cordero’s rise to fame was a remarkable journey, and his tragic end was a loss to his family, friends, and fans. Despite the significant impact that COVID-19 had on his net worth, his legacy continued, as his fans remembered him for his inspiring talent and his fighting spirit. Nick Cordero will always be missed, but he will also be remembered as a Broadway icon who left an indelible mark on the world. We can all honor his memory by living our lives to the fullest and supporting important causes like COVID-19 awareness. Thank you, Nick, for your talent, your courage, and your kindness.

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