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Tips on Creating ‘Now Hiring’ Signs That Get Results Quickly

When you own a small business, you will invariably need to fill positions from time to time. While asking your customers and other people may sometimes help you get candidates, the choice can be limited. With your limited resources, you will not be able to afford expensive advertising, which is why hiring signs may work the best for you. They are inexpensive and highly visible and effectively attract the attention of local candidates for whom working within easy commuting distance is a major draw. Some tips on how to design a hiring sign that gets you results quickly:

Highlight Your Company Name and Logo

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When you design a sign for recruiting help, you must make it a point to include your business name and logo. Since your business is likely to be a known entity locally, it will help to make your advertisement more credible. Further, regular use of these signs will act to boost your brand recall in the local population.

Be Specific

Instead of using a generic headline like “Help Wanted” or “We Are Hiring”, you should mention the specific role you are looking to fill, as you are liable to get a better response. If you have some specific requirements, mentioning them upfront can help to filter the inquiries. You can make things easier for the tech-savvy young generation by including a QR code in your now hiring sign. They can scan and access your website for details about your business and the available positions.

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Include a CTA

You need to tell candidates what to do if they want to apply. Providing a phone number or telling them to drop in between specific hours and/or days of the week can help prevent disruption in your work. If you want people to call you before coming over, make sure you have someone to attend to the calls. According to Algorithmic Global, a CTA helps to generate qualified leads.

Craft a Great Design

Unless you can make your hiring sign pop, prospective candidates may not notice it. Using a great design will ensure it attracts more eyeballs and you get more responses. Bright colors, preferably the colors of your brand, and attractive visuals work the best for grabbing attention. Use graphics to not only cut through the clutter but also to project your company’s culture. If you are using humor, make sure people understand it easily, and it does not backfire on you.

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Make Your Sign Legible

Since the space is limited, you must focus on making your message brief and to the point. Make sure there are no spelling errors or grammatical mistakes that can make you look unprofessional and hurt your brand image. Choose typography that is clean and easy to read so that people can understand what you are saying at a glance.


Display a hiring sign is among the most convenient and affordable ways of getting responses to fill available job positions. In addition to the aesthetics of the design, legibility of the text, and the inclusion of a compelling CTA, you must also ensure you display them where prospective candidates have the best chance to see them.

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