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How to Motivate Customers to Leave Feedback

If a company has reviews, it’s more trusted. Reviews help a business stand out from the competition and help potential customers make the right choice. Why are such reviews needed not only for modern online brands, like Facebook or an IviBet login website, but also for offline companies?

Why Ask Customers to Leave Reviews

Making a Choice in Your Favor

That’s one of the main reasons why even offline companies need online reviews. Before deciding to make a purchase or ask for a service, consumers today are primarily interested in reviews on the web. At this point, it’s important for them to know what other customers think about the product and what customers who have already received a service from the company they are going to contact think.

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Even if you have a successful offline business (e.g., a dentist with a busy patient flow, or a carwash with a steady line of cars, or maybe the best bakery or coffee shop in the area in your opinion), it’s likely to be the reviews they find on the Internet that will decide whether or not to purchase a service from you, especially for new customers.

A Way for Customers to Communicate

Customers aren’t just looking for reviews online to learn about the quality of a product or service provided. The opinions of other consumers help them decide on a particular purchase or service that they really need. If there are dialogues between customers in reviews, it benefits both parties: the customers and the company. The former regularly communicate with each other, share and get the information they need. In the end, such communication works positively for the reputation of the company.

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By sharing experiences, “old” customers feel needed, and new customers, thanks to them, make the right choice and remain satisfied with the result. Dialogues in online reviews about your company can be maintained with the help of an administrator or customer service, who will regularly answer questions raised by customers.

How to Get More Feedback

Always ask customers to share their impressions immediately after a purchase or visit. Make the process as easy and convenient for them as possible.

Give a Link to the Review Form

Sometimes people don’t leave comments because it takes time: going online, finding the company, writing the review itself. Save your clients’ time by placing a QR-code on the reception desk, so that the client goes straight to your profile on Google Maps, or sends the link to a messenger.

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Ask Specific Questions

Many customers would love to leave a comment, but sometimes don’t know what to say or what details to describe.


Prepare a template with questions to make it easier for the customer to formulate a thought and decide on a review. But don’t prompt the answers, just give the direction of thought. For example, you might ask:

  • Tell us, when have you been to us?
  • What service did you use or what product did you buy?
  • What did you like best?
  • What should we look at?

Feel Free to Remind About Yourself

If the customer forgot to leave a review after purchase, try writing or calling them 1-3 days later. But don’t be too pushy. The customer may be busy, and constant reminders are very distracting and sometimes annoying.

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How Not to Make Mistakes with Feedback

Don’t Ask for Feedback From Interested Parties

For example, your employees, friends or relatives. Such reviews are also considered to be tweaked, so they will not be published.

Don’t Bribe the Client

Don’t ask to write and show reviews for a gift. With a discount or bonus, you’re encouraging the customer to leave a positive review. This means it will be difficult for him to write an objective comment if he suddenly doesn’t like something.

Don’t Ask Old Customers to Leave Reviews for a New Company

The new location, the interior, the staff, and the services all affect customers’ opinions. If you have moved or changed the name, the review should be from a customer who has been in the new location. Reviews from memory of previous service elsewhere will not pass muster.

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