October 6


The Best White Hat Guest Posting Strategies

Search Engine Optimization is a complicated process. It has many parts that should be handled altogether to obtain the best results. Thus, SEO professionals have to choose wisely the right direction for success.

One of the choice professional has to make is the White Hat Guest Posting. So, this blog is entirely dedicated to the white hat strategies you can use to acquire more links from the guest posting sites.

What Is White Hat Guest Posting?

We all are well aware of the term “Guest Posting.” It is the process of posting your blog to an authoritative website to acquire links, traffic, and more conversion rate to your website. It also enables you to acquire greater authority with Google and a position in SERPs rankings.

Now, you must be wondering what all this has to do with White Hat?

Well! Earlier, guest posting is a field full of Black Hats. Most of the bloggers try to cheat Google’s Algorithms. Later, Google look into the process and made its algorithm process more rigid.

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Bloggers started using White Hat guest posts to mark their clients as experts with appropriate quotes, stats, and studies. They started posting quality content and stop concealing their authorship. They also work at building brand reputation.

The Best White Hat Guest Posting Strategies

Inserting Relevant Yet Non-Reputable Links

It is always a great idea to add more links to the blog that is performing well in search engines. Though it is not as good as external links, it is relatively beneficial in SEOs. Linking content to your page helps in increasing your organic content. However, you should avoid building links to your content that are not necessary. If the post you have posted on another website has links that are not related to the content, the link is a prime candidate for a penalty. 

Comment On Blogs

Yes, we know what you might be thinking. Whether blog commenting is a blog hat strategy? Then, let us tell you that it’s not. Implementing many of the White Hat strategies might be arduous. It’s totally fine to leave a relevant and genuine comment on the guest post when it is linked with a blog that is highly informational. You get benefited from Google if the guest post you provide adds value to its readers.

Increase Your Content Exposure

You can use multiple places to share and distribute your content. These sites help you to attract a large number of visitors to your sites as they provide quality content that includes advice, the latest trends, and up-to-date information. Submitting content to these sites increases the backlinks, thereby increasing your exposure. However, you need to avoid self-promotion or personal product information. Instead, provide the latest and informational articles that add value to its reader.

Though getting your blog posts on high-quality white-hat guest posting sites is not as easy, you acquire a lot of benefits from it if used properly. So, it is advisable to choose and implement these white hat strategies wisely to enjoy tremendous outcomes. 

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