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Tips To Master The Art Of Managing Multiple Windows On Your Mac

macOS offers a pleasant multitasking experience to its users. Whether it is browsing websites using macOS’s native Safari browser and working on any other application, users can conveniently multitask by keeping different windows open. However, the more windows there are open, the harder it gets to manage them efficiently. Trying to multitask with numerous windows open could lead to you mixing things up and making errors. In this article, we will provide you with tips using which you can manage multiple windows on your Mac efficiently and have more control of your workspace. Here are some of the most valuable tactics:

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  • Use Gestures


According to Apple, you can efficiently use various mouse and trackpad-based gestures to manage multiple windows on your Mac. Here are some helpful trackpad gestures you can implement:


  • View your desktop by spreading the thumb on your Mac’s trackpad along with three fingers.
  • To manage windows, you can open “Mission Control” by swiping up with three fingers or four.
  • Swipe either left or right using three or four fingers to effectively switch between your Mac’s desktop and app “Spaces”.


Similarly, if you use a mouse, you can perform the following gestures:


  • To open “Mission Control”, double-tap using two fingers.
  • To switch between desktop and app “Spaces”, use two fingers to swipe left or right.
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  • Use Window Management Applications


There are multiple Mac apps designed specifically for window management available. Here are some of the most used ones:


  • Magnet – Magnet is a simple and lightweight tool that allows you to snap different windows into predefined places by dragging them. All you need to do is pull a window to the edge of the screen, and the application will resize it to half. Similarly, Magnet will resize it into a quarter if you drag a window to the screen’s corner. Besides this, the application also provides keyboard shortcuts and triggers. Magnet offers support to manage upto six different displays, which makes it a very powerful tool.
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  • Mosaic – With the help of Mosaic, you can conveniently organize windows on your desktop. The application is filled with top-notch features that make it very convenient for users to resize and arrange multiple windows and view documents simultaneously. Using Mosaic, users can tile any window or document they want to manage their screen effortlessly. The app also has a feature using which you can create as many customized layouts as you like.


  • Moom – Whether it is moving a window, resizing it, snapping it into place, or zooming in – Moom has all the right tools to help you manage your windows on Mac efficiently. Using the application, users can use keyboard-based shortcuts to manage multiple windows. Moom also features various presets. It also provides you with an option to create a specific layout.
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  • Use Mission Control


One of the best ways to effectively manage multiple windows on your Mac is using macOS’ native Mission Control. You can access it with a single tap or by using gestures. It provides you with a complete overview of all the open windows, full-screen applications as well as Spaces. It facilitates you to switch between any open windows quickly. By following any of the following simple steps, you can activate Mission Control:


  • Swipe up on the trackpad using three fingers or double-tap on your Mac’s Magic Mouse using two fingers.
  • If it is present on the Dock, simply click on its icon or use the dedicated key on your Mac’s keyboard to launch it.
  • Press the Control and Up Arrow keys together, or simply drag an open window to your screen’s top.
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  • Use Spaces


You can conveniently create Spaces using Mission Control. Spaces are varied iterations of your Mac’s desktop that display all the open applications, multiple windows, and split views. While working, if you feel that your workspace has become very cluttered and disorganized due to various windows, you can create a new Space. By doing so, you will not need to close any open windows. To add a new Space, follow these steps:


  • Open Mission Control
  • Tap on the “Add Space” icon.


To move any open window to a new Space, follow these steps:


  • Open Mission Control
  • Drag the window you want to move to a desktop Space present in the “Spaces” bar.
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To organize Spaces, follow these steps:


  • Open Mission Control
  • Click on a space and drag it to the desired location in the “Spaces” section.


While working on a Mac with multiple windows, it is possible to get overwhelmed. Therefore, you should ensure that you effectively manage all the open windows to be more productive. Having a regulated screen with limited windows allows you to focus clearly on the task. You can conveniently manage multiple windows on your Mac by following the tips mentioned above.

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